Monday, August 19, 2019

Marketing to Reach Families

by Karen H. Whiting @KarenHWhiting

We always want to target out audience in our marketing. That means understanding the needs and motivations of those readers. This is true when the books are focused on helping families thrive and equipping parents. Parents are the big buyers in books for children and families. Grandparents are secondary buyers. 

Technology changes so fast that marketing to this tech savvy group is like trying to hit a moving target. Yet, what remains is that parents buy what they need and believe is best for their children. They want to raise children who will succeed, enjoy life, and build a strong faith. They want to raise children who will remain close to them and overcome challenges. Offering to fill those needs must translate in the marketing.

Understand the Audience’s Motivations to Buy
Parents what books that make their life easier and that will save them time or energy. They want a quick response if they engage with the author on social media and recommendations sway them in their purchases. That’s why reviews and testimonies remain important. These are clues on how to market.

Show Benefits
Create signage for events and posts that highlight solutions offered and how the book can impact their children. “Cultivate a servant heart’ or “Nurture your child’s faith’ inspire parents to check out your faith-based books.

Expand this with reviews and testimonies from readers. That helps show the authenticity of your words. Share your own experiences and how you applied the principles and book concept with your own family.

Share the Bonding and Fun
Parents want close families. Expressing how a book can be a great family read that brings laughter and builds memories grabs their attention. Let them know the pages connect to imagination, adventure, and laughter. The book might be a nonfiction that includes activities and games, or it might be a fiction book to read aloud that touches hearts with endearing characters that weave their way into daily family conversations. 

Highlight Solutions Offered
Let parents know how the book brings up problems and solutions they can apply in daily life. Let them know if it addresses bullying, character growth, or deepening faith that will make a difference in their children’s lives.

The solutions might come out in a character’s reaction or in hands-on activities and discussion, of through sharing how Bible people resolved similar problems. Finding effective solutions for basic problems of motivating children to behave well, communicate effectively, and overcome daily difficulties are common in every generation. 

Reach the Parents
Be part of groups online and guest post on parenting blogs to get the word out on your book. Create videos to share your ideas and encourage parents with methods that work. Follow popular parent blogs and join online parenting and homeschool groups. Add comments when appropriate so people will notice you and want to follow you.

Garner Reviews
Since parents want to hear how the book has impacted lives, work at getting reviews and testimonies. Add a note to your books asking for comments, start a launch team to promote the book where team members will write and share reviews.

Interview parents who use your books and post the videos or words on your website. Create memes from photos parents share that show them using your book. Ask people to post to Goodreads and sites parents go to for recommendations.

The Real Reason People Will Buy
Know what big question your book answers. This is where the real marketing hook can be created. I wrote a family devotional for families called to serve. It includes a weekly story of a family with a member who serves as a firefighter, law enforcement worker, active duty military, EMT, disaster relief worker, missionary, or volunteer. That’s great for families with such people in their lives, but the real question it answers is “How can I develop a servant heart in my children?” That’s the Christian desire of many parents and key to why they will want the book.

Ask readers and yourself what is the big question the book addresses? Then create signage and posts that share how the book will provide that answer and help parents cultivate that desired outcome in their children.

Your strategy in marketing to parents should be finding ways to help them realize the value of the book you wrote.

What book have you recommended lately? What do you do to help readers find value in your books?

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