Saturday, July 25, 2015

Soul Ready

by Edie Melson @EdieMelson

I snapped this picture the last night I was on my mini writing retreat with Vonda Skelton and Mary Denman. This quote seemed to fit. 

Share a time when something special snuck up on you! 

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  1. There was something I needed to tell my husband. I didn't want to have to. I should have been able to handle it, but I couldn't. I was so sure he'd get angry, and I don't deal well with angry. I stewed needlessly for days. One morning, he opened the conversation calmly and took responsibility. I was floored! Where was the explosion? God smiled.

  2. Dawn. Seriously. New every morning. Like God's mercies.

  3. Two hummingbirds snuck up on me this morning at Noel Field, a parade field on Fort Bliss. They were on the page at a bistro in chapter 4, and showed up for real today at the parade field where most of chapter 5 takes place. I was there studying sensory details to edit the scene. Should I write them in? Hmm...

  4. Ladies, what encouragement you've shared! Thank you! And Patricia, I agree, definitely write in the hummingbirds. Blessings, E