Monday, January 31, 2011

How to Write a Freelance CV

A CV, or curriculum vitae is a necessary part of any freelancer’s arsenal. What exactly is a CV? It’s essentially a modern writer’s resume. It differs slightly in that it has a short introduction and includes relevant training that enhances your experience. It also doesn’t necessarily include references.

Here are the steps to make your CV top notch. 
  1. Contact information. Include your name, physical address (it can be a PO box) phone number, email and your website
  2. Objective. This will change according to what assignment you are specifically applying for. For example, I would have a different objective for a health writing assignment as opposed to a financial writing assignment.
  3. Writing/Editing Experience. Here I would highlight some of my assignments and include URL’s when possible. As you gain experience this will be a partial list.
  4. Employment History. Include this section only if relevant to the assignment you’re seeking – or if someone has employed you as a writer.
  5. Education. Include this section if it’s a positive to your application. What I mean is if you don’t have a college degree, but have tons of experience, don’t highlight the information that you don’t have a degree, just skip this altogether. I don’t have a college degree so I just don’t mention education.
  6. Professional Training. I have attended years worth of conferences, workshops and classes so I include that here.
  7. Professional Organizations. Include any relevant organizations you’re a current member of.

The biggest thing to remember about writing a CV is to make it relevant. If you’re applying to write blog articles for a dog grooming site, then include your job history as a dog groomer — otherwise leave it out.

Here is my CV so you can see how it plays out in real life.

Edie Melson 604 S Almond Dr • Simpsonville, SC 29681 • 864-360-5003 •
As an experienced freelance writer and blogger, I’ve written content for numerous blogs and websites, including, and Woman’ I’m familiar with SEO and keyword formatting and available for quick turn around and tight deadlines.

Writing Credits
In 2010 I published over 700 articles in print and on the Internet. Publications include Focus on the Family,,, Centered Magazine and I’ve also written for numerous business clients, adding copy to everything from websites to brochures. (Comprehensive list available upon request)

Editing Experience
2007-present                                        Independent Freelance Editor
May 2010-present                               Assistant proofer for 
                                                                My Book Therapy Voice E-zine
March 2009-2010                               Editor ACFW SE Zone 
                                                                newsletter -                                                                 
April 2009-March 2010                     Managing Editor 
                                                                Centered Magazine
March 2010-present                           Assistant Proofer/editor Voices
                                                                E-zine an affiliated  publication
                                                                of My Book Therapy
May 2010-present                               Book Doctor on 

2010-present                                      Assistant Director of the Blue 
                                                             Ridge Christian Writers 
                                                             Conference and Southwest 
                                                             Christian Writers Studio
Responsible for all social networking as well as assisting in all areas necessary to providing an event of this size.                                   
2010                                                    Southwest Christian 
                                                           Writers Studio
One of eight faculty members presenting a continuing education class and mentoring students in the freelance writing/devotion track.
2010                                                    Blue Ridge Mountain 
                                                           Christian Writers 
Presented one continuing education class (4 sessions) and two additional workshops at this 4 day conference.
2010                                                    Foothills Writers 
                                                           Guild Conference
Keynote and taught three workshops at this two-day conference.
2002-present                                      The Christian Writer’s
                                                          Den Writing Retreat
Co-director/Instructor, responsible for planning and executing an annual 4 day retreat.

Professional Training
Glorieta Christian Writer’s Conference –             1999, 2004-2005
Blue Ridge Mountains Christian
 Writer’s Conference –                                           2000-present  
Christian Writer’s Den Writer’s Retreat
 – co-director – Teacher                                         2002-present  
CLASServices Conference                                     2003
American Christian Fiction Writers Conference    2009-2010

Professional Memberships and Organizations
American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW)
The Christina Pen Professional Editors Network
The Christian Writers View I (TWV I)
My Book Therapy


  1. This looks great Edie. Thanks for the info.

  2. As I read this post, I couldn't help but be reminded of the conversation you and I had about this very subject about 10 years ago. Remember when John Riddle taught us how to write a "promo sheet" and we were bemoaning the fact that it's hard to write one when you don't have anything to put on it?

    Your perseverance and determination have paid off, Edie. A great example to all of us!

  3. Edie, thanks so much for this! I hadn't seen this format for freelancers. Thanks!

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