Saturday, January 29, 2011

Weekend Worship — Preparation

Right now you have plenty and can help those who are in need. Later, they will have plenty and can share with you when you need it. In this way, things will be equal. II Corinthians 8:14

“That makes no sense at all.” The lady sitting next to me broke through the drone of the stewardesses instruction monologue.

When I looked up to see what set her off I saw the oxygen mask dangling from the stewardess’s hand.

“If I was traveling with a child or someone who needed help I’d put their mask on first.”

I smiled again and returned to my magazine, but my thoughts were on the instructions and possible scenarios. At first thought, my seat mate’s opinion seemed unselfish and even vaguely Christ-like. But the longer I considered the instructions the more I began to see how that wisdom was rooted in truth — spiritual truth.

It is not possible to share something I don’t possess.

I had to ask myself about my priorities. There I was, representing Jesus as a Christian writer, yet not spending consistent, daily time with God. Ouch. So my challenge to you is the same as me that day—make Christ your priority and then hold on and watch what He can accomplish through you.

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  1. Great post Edie--I was convicted of the same thing 2 days ago. I need to spend more time w/God in His word and in prayer. It's the only way I can know His will, toward others and for my life.

  2. I know how much better my day goes when I make that committment. Great analogy! Thanks

  3. I love the analogy also. But I can hear myself saying, "When I finish these next two articles, then..." It's so hard to start this stuff RIGHT NOW.

  4. Thanks guys! Karen you're so right, my day goes much better when I get my priorities right.
    Kim, I hear those same voices! But I'm slowly learning to stick to God's plan.
    Blessings all!

  5. Great analogy! Yes, we can't share what we don't have, and yet we try to make it on our on day after day. I, too, am focusing on spending more time with Him. It starts my day off right--and then I have something to share!

  6. Oh Edie - Thanks for stomping on my toes. Great post!

  7. God's been nudging me awake before my alarm goes off and refuses to let me fall back to sleep. I stay wrapped in my warm cocoon and pray, thanking him for the start of a new day--a clean slate, and for all the blessings he's given me. Then I pray for the names He lays on my heart. I love those early morning prayer times.

  8. Vonda, you're so right, I try to make it on my own way too much!
    Lynn - don't worry - your toes can't hurt as much as mine!
    Beth - I love the way you get right to the heart of God's truth. I know it's the editor in you! LOL
    Lisa, thanks for sharing what God is doing for you. For too many years, when He'd wake me up early, I'd waste the time instead of using it fellowship with Him.
    Love you all!

  9. You leave me feeling exhausted just from your agenda! I commend you for making positive steps forward even though you've accomplished much! The blog was inspiring! Talking time out for God each day is a must, a command, a requirement, a committment and lifelong! Thanks for sharing!

  10. Is it too late to register for the Blue Ridge Writers Conference? I would need to apply for a scholarship...please advise...thank you.

  11. Sheri, Thanks for your kind comments! It's definitely not too late to register for BRMCWC and you can apply for a scholarship on the Blue Ridge site -