Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thursday Review - ACFW Bound!

Instead of the usual Thursday review, I'll spend the next few days posting about my experiences at the American Christian Fiction Writers Conference in Indianapolis. I'm sitting at the Greenville, SC airport right now, excited and nervous about the conference.

I've been traveling to conferences for over 10 years and the butterflies never seem to disappear. I'm excited about what God has in store for the next few days and nervous about those growth experiences that are sure to come.

I've already had one - this morning my husband complained that my suitcase was too heavy to lift. I just rolled my eyes. It was his turn to roll his eyes when the person at the baggage counter charged me $50 for being 10 pounds over the weight limit. Note to self - pay attention to what those around me are trying to tell me!

I'll give you all an update tonight from Indianapolis. Also, you can follow my tweets at . I'll be using #ACFW to identify the conference tweets. You can just search for #ACFW on Twitter and catch them as they come in. There are bound to be lots of other attendees using the same code so you'll get lots of live and update info about the conference experience.

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