Monday, September 13, 2010

Twittering Your Time Away—Part Three

I hope Twitter is beginning to make more sense now. If you’re just joining the conversation you can visit Part One and Part Two and see what the buzz is about.

Twitter is a versatile medium, but because of its condensed format Tweets that are about me, me, me get really old—really fast! Sure we all want to increase our audience and reach more people, but that isn’t the way to accomplish that. The thing you want to be known for on Twitter is relevant content. You want to give those who follow you something worth following.

We need to learn to Tweet in a way that benefits others.
  • Let someone else benefit from what you’ve found helpful
  • Share about someone else’s success
  • Pass along opportunities
Tweeting and retweeting is the perfect way to do this. Tweet—toot—someone else’s horn!

Another helpful tool is something I mentioned last week—Lists. This is simply pulling together tweets of one particular subject and allowing others—those who have joined your list—to follow them as well. One list I particularly like is put out by Alton Gansky.

To make up your own list, click on list on your Twitter homepage and follow the directions. It’s very simple—even I can figure it out!

With this we come to the end of our Twitter Tutorial. I’d love to know if this has been helpful. So leave me a comment—
And don’t forget to join the conversation!


  1. These posts have been very helpful. I have had success with #hashtags but Tweetdeck is driving me crazy! I cannot figure out how to get my tweets linked over to facebook **grrr**. Any additional info would be appreciated. I think I'll try my hand at lists next. Edie, you've created a monster :)


  2. Edie,

    I joined Twitter months ago and got totally overwhelmed. So, I quit. Moved it down the priorities ladder. But I know I need to return and make good use of the medium.

    Thanks for helping to clear away some fog for me.

    And give my thanks to Vonda for sending me your way.


  3. Very nice series, Edie. I'm trying to pay more attention to Twitter, but find I'm not even pretending to read everything that's visible to me.

    Regardless of Nan's problems with Tweetdeck, I'm quite fond of it.