Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Five Ways for a Writer to Stay Motivated When You Feel Like Quitting

Edie here and today I have some exciting news! Someone I greatly respect and admire is sharing her first, of I hope will be many, monthly posts with us here on The Write Conversation. Dr. Katherine Hutchinson-Hayes is a friend to many of us and I'm so glad she'll be sharing her insight with us all. Please give her a warm TWC welcome!!! 

Five Ways for a Writer to Stay Motivated When You Feel Like Quitting
by Dr. Katherine Hutchinson-Hayes @KHutch0767

During a writer’s retreat where I was teaching and speaking, I received an emergency phone call from one of my family members between classes. The call left me feeling crushed, as the conference was a dream opportunity. My heart raced listening to the graphic details of the dilemma. Words unfolded like the suspenseful thrillers I write. The situation was overwhelming, and I felt powerless to help despite my desire to be there for my loved one. I had traveled out of town and was miles away. 

“Are you okay? Did you call the police? Which hospital?” I remember asking as I hurried to the bathroom so no one could see the tears spilling onto my new shirt. In that moment of crisis, I believed I would have to quit and leave my assignment. I also remember saying, “Every time things work out for me in my writing career, something happens where I must take care of someone else. Why do I even bother?” 

Later that day, before packing to leave, I spoke with my spouse about my relative's self-inflicted crisis. We mutually agreed that it was not my responsibility to resolve the situation. After taking time for prayer, contemplation, and a long run, I concluded that God wanted me to stay and prioritize my writing career.

As a Christian writer, staying motivated can be challenging, especially when faced with distractions, discouragement, and disappointment. Sometimes, it isn’t just the rejection or battles we face within the publishing industry that make us feel like quitting. It’s also our daily challenges, like complicated family dynamics. However, it’s essential to remember that God is always with us and has a plan for our writing journey. God also has a plan for our troubled loved ones, and unfortunately, we can’t rescue everyone from everything. With that mentality, we’ll eventually burn out.

5 Tips for Writers to Stay Motivated When Distracted, Discouraged, or Disappointed

1. Pray: Take a moment to reach God and pray for guidance and strength. Remember, He is always there to listen and offer comfort whenever we need it.

2. Find a community: Seek out the company of like-minded Christian writers who genuinely understand our struggles. We can find the strength and encouragement to keep moving forward in their presence.

3. Set goals: By setting clear goals, we empower ourselves to stay focused and motivated on our journey towards success. Remember to break down those goals into smaller, achievable steps to keep the momentum going.

4. Celebrate small victories: Recognizing and appreciating the small victories is vital, as they are the foundation of our success and encourage us to keep pushing towards our goals. Even though they may seem small, they are significant and worth celebrating. Let's take a moment to acknowledge and cherish these accomplishments.

5. Take breaks: Take a moment to pause and recharge when feeling overwhelmed or discouraged. Remember that rest is crucial to refocus and come back stronger.

Remember our purpose and why we started writing in the first place. Our writing has the potential to impact and inspire others, so keep pushing forward, even when it's hard. God has given us a unique gift and a purpose for our writing. Stay motivated and keep pushing forward, even when distracted, discouraged, and disappointed.


Dr. Katherine Hutchinson-Hayes is a review board member and contributor to Inkspirations (an online magazine for Christian writers), and her writing has been published in Guideposts. Her work in art/writing is distinguished by awards, including the New York Mayor’s Contribution to the Arts, Outstanding Resident Artist of Arizona, and the Foundations Awards at the Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writer’s Conference (2016, 2019, 2021). She is a member of Word Weavers International and serves as an online chapter president and mentor. She belongs to FWA (Florida Writers Association), ACFW (American Christian Fiction Writers), CWoC (Crime Writers of Color),

AWSA (Advanced Writers and Speakers Association), and AASA (American Association of School Administrators). She serves on the nonprofit organization Submersion 14 board and the 540 Writer’s Community board and is an art instructor for the nonprofit organization Light for the Future. Katherine hosts the podcast Murder, Mystery & Mayhem Laced with Morality. She has authored a Christian Bible study for women and is currently working on the sequel to her first general market thriller novel. Her thriller A Fifth of the Story will debut in February 2024 through Endgame Press.

Katherine flourishes in developmental editing and coaching writers. She has a twenty-year career in education, leadership, and journalism. Katherine freelances as an educational consultant for charter schools, home school programs, and churches. In this role, she has written and edited curriculum, led program development, and helped manage growth facilitating and public relations.

She also works as an editor and book coach through her consulting business. Katherine provides skill, accountability, and professionalism so clients can begin, develop, and finish their writing projects for publication.


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