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How Writers Use Instagram with

Excerpt from Social Media for Today's Writer
, Bold Vision Books
written by Edie Melson & DiAnn Mills

Since 2017, Instagram has continued to be one of the fasted growing social media networks. The users aren’t just growing in numbers, but the range of users is expanding, making it valuable for all ages and demographics. With the creation of Stories within the app, it has multiple applications for brands as well as individuals who want to be social.


So how do writers use Instagram effectively? I’m so glad you asked!


Instagram only allows a single link in the profile, but there’s a great work-around for that. We recommend the free version of ( This site allows you to post a single link to a site like Instagram and then branches into multiple links when clicked. This is a vital part of your Instagram set up because live links are not allowed in the captions for individual posts.


Why does this matter?


Let’s say a writer wants to share a blog post on Instagram. We post the picture from the post and in the caption, we want to share the link to the post. Instagram won’t allow it. We can type in the characters of the link, but what’s there isn’t clickable or even able to be copied. No one can get to the post from that caption.


If, on the other hand, you have the link to your blog in your account in your bio, you can add, “Clickable link in bio.” That directs readers to your bio and instantly to your blog.


Setting Up Your Free Account


1. Go to and choose the FREE account. I love the paid version, but set up the free to begin with to make sure you like it before you begin paying for it. There will be several questions you’ll need to answer and you’ll need to verify your email account, so check for that email because you won’t be allowed to publish your until your email is confirmed. 


2. Once you’re verified set up, you’ll want to do a little housekeeping. Below is a screenshot of my free account. Across the top are several clickable tabs: LINKS, APPEARANCE, SETTINGS, and PRO.


3. The APPEARANCE tab is where you want to go to finish your account set up. You’ll want to set up your profile image (avatar) and come up with a short bio, as well as choose your theme.  


4. Now go back to the LINKS tab to begin adding links. 


5. Click on ADD NEW LINK (see screenshot below)


6. Fill in the two blanks (see screenshot above):

  • Title
  • URL

7. Now Click the slider button in the upper right corner so it shows up green.Sometimes this happens automatically, sometimes you have to click it manually. If it shows up yellow, click it off, then back on. (See Screenshot below) 

You’ll notice there are three vertical dots on the left of each entry. You can use that area to click and drag the entries into any order you choose.

Now it's your turn. What questions do you have about or Instagram. Post them in the comments section below!

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Edie & DiAnn

If you've found this helpful, take a look at our book, Social Media for Today's Writer. DiAnn Mills and I have packed this volume with all the practical social media help you need to take your online visibility to the next level. 


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  1. Edie, thank you so much. I just purchased the book. I need to revive my social media presence and have been dreading the dive into the deep end. Your book makes me feel a little excited about updating my social media game because 1) I trust your expertise; and 2) you make things so easy to understand. I especially look forward to improving my IG and using it well. Thank you! Can’t wait for the book to arrive!

    1. Karen, I'm so glad you're excited! Remember I'm here to answer any questions, Blessings, E

  2. How do you go to someone’s bio when it says “link in bio”? I can’t figure that out!! I’m sure it’s easy but hasn’t been for me.

    1. Dena, it's only simple once you've done it! LOL! Remember that none of us was born knowing how to do this stuff and don't hesitate to ask questions. To get to someone's bio in IG, click on their round profile picture. This will take you to THEIR homepage. The link should be at the end of their bio. You can go to my IG (@Stop2Pray) and this is what you'll see:
      A woman of faith with ink-stained fingers living life through the lens of her camera. Free tips 4 #photography #blogging #writing
      The is a clickable link on IG.

  3. Edie and DiAnn, I purchased your book sometime back, and I'm still trying to "digest" it. There is so much good, helpful information in it. Thanks to both of you for writing and putting it together for all of us to use.

    1. Diane, we're so glad you're able to put it to good use! Blessings, E

  4. This is wonderful information, Edie! I've been stumped on how to get links in Instagram, and now I know! Thank you.

    1. Kay, I'm so glad we were able to help! Blessings, E

  5. Linktree is wonderful. I actually take a few moments each week to update my blog link for it, so if people happen to click on it, it takes them to the newest post.

  6. How wonderful! Thank you for sharing about this product and how to use it!