Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Writing During a Pandemic—Staying In & Reaching Out

by Linda Gilden @LindaGilden

When the pandemic first began and we were told to stay in, it seemed to be the perfect scenario for writers. Don’t go anywhere just sit at home and write. Not only did that create focused time like never before but it also gave us opportunities to write new subjects and find new markets. 

I have found that during this time of writing at home, I am writing more than ever. You may wonder at a time when most businesses are suffering to keep their heads above water, how are writers finding new work and building new relationships with others in the industry? If you are one of those who want the answer to that question, let me make a few suggestions.

Look around you.
  • Have you exhausted all the subjects in your home? Walk in the door and pretend you have never been there before. 
  • Are there collections? The origin of your collection or the reason you like to collect may make a great article for a hobby or collector’s magazine. 
  • Is the house full of books indicating that you are an avid reader. Perhaps you would like to try writing book reviews. 
  • Do you like to cook? You could write a book about pandemic cooking when you can’t go to the store as often as you could before. 
  • Do you have pets? Pet magazines would love an article about caring for pets or maybe a specific breed of pets. 
  • Do you live on a farm? How is that beneficial during a pandemic? Would it benefits those who live outside of city limits to have a few chickens in the backyard?
Look within you.
  • Does another article you read in a magazine bring up a question? You are probably not the only one who needs answers.
  • In your morning Bible study, you discovered a new verse. Should you write an expository article about that verse?
  • You finally started reading a book that has been in your “to read” pile. Does that prompt you to research the setting of the book or find a new occupation you want to know more about?
  • Have you overcome a personal difficulty lately? Others may be struggling with the same thing. Give them encouragement and share the answers you have found.
Look out to others.
  • As you read articles, reach out to publications that have publications you have enjoyed. Compliment the editor on the choice of material. 
  • If you have an idea that will work for a specific market, pitch it to the editor. Magazines need good writers, even in a pandemic.
  • During your prayer time, if God reveals truth to you, share it with others. His message may be for someone you can reach with your words.
  • Network with other writers. Maybe join a new writers group.
  • Encourage those around you. Even though many writers are staying at home and still working, it can be a lonely time. Just a note or phone call means a lot to your peers.
Don’t let the pandemic be a time you look back on with regret. People need to hear from you, pandemic or not. You have good news that needs to be shared. Recognize the opportunities that exist during these unprecedented times. Write articles that can change lives one reader at a time. 


Linda Gilden is an award-winning writer, speaker, editor, certified writing and speaking coach, and personality consultant. Linda is the author of 19 books and over 1000 magazine articles. She enjoys every meeting with editors and knowing we are all part of the same team. Linda’s favorite activity (other than eating folded potato chips) is floating in a pool with a good book surrounded by splashing grandchildren—a great source of writing material!


  1. Linda,

    Thank you for these great ideas for every writer--whether a beginner or someone like me who has published a great deal over decades. Our writing is critical no matter what is happening but especially during a pandemic.

    author of 10 Publishing Myths, Insights Every Author Needs to Succeed

  2. Great Ideas, Linda. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I believe there are limitless possibilities of ideas for stories. Thank you for these reminders to look around and find ideas.

  4. Yes, ideas are all around us. Thanks for your comments. Would love to hear some of your ideas and how you came up with them!