Sunday, September 29, 2019

Don't Let Your Writing Get Caught in a Crab Bucket

Edie here. Back in 2010 I met a writer and really loved her spiritual insight and her writing style. I invited her to contribute a guest post to The Write Conversation. She did and then we eventually lost connection. This summer we ran into each other again. She'd taken some time off from writing, but now was back at the keyboard. Today I'd like to re-introduce Susan Browning Schulz. I know you're going to love her post today!
Don't Let Your Writing Get Caught in a Crab Bucket
Susan Browning Schulz

Crab fishermen have long known they don’t need to put a lid on their buckets, as long as there is more than one crab in the bucket. Some call it the Crab Bucket Syndrome. When there are several piled in the bucket, if one tries to crawl out, another one grabs hold and pulls it back down. 

Some of us desire to climb above, raise our standards and improve ourselves, but Satan, and those who belong to him, act like crabs in a bucket. They do everything in their power to destroy the ambitions of those who wish to better themselves. These snatch and seize techniques work among us humans, too. Our own thoughts can catch us and put us in a bucket, causing us to suffer from the Crab Bucket Syndrome. 

What is holding you back from improving your writing? These pulls and pinches come in thoughts like:
  • I don’t have time to sit down and write something for critique group.
  • Do I really need someone else’s input?
  • It’s too much work to edit using all of those different comments and suggestions.
  • I will never find a place for my articles and stories, anyway.

Writers write—no matter how they feel. Don’t let these crabby, negative thoughts keep you in a bucket of mediocrity. Work on raising the standards of your writing every day, starting right now. One of the best ways to develop good skills is to attend conferences. Find one and sign up today. Hope to see you there! 

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Susan Browning Schulz is a writer, mentor, wife and mom. A passionate ministry leader for over 28 years, she mentors women and has led conferences across the southeast. Susan stays inspired chasing world changers by writing monthly nonprofit features for Around About Local Media (Around Canton, Around Woodstock, Around Acworth, and the Townelaker). She is a regular contributor for Light from the Word devotional, and has publishing credits in numerous anthologies, such as a Guideposts series on Extraordinary Answers to Prayer, as well as many online and print articles. She loves God’s word and spent 13 years attending and leading in Bible Study Fellowship International. An empty-nester, Susan lives with her artist husband who spins a potter’s wheel in Canton, Georgia. Reach out to her at:,,    


  1. Wow! Awesome (and timely) post, Susan. There's a good dose of medicine in it for lots of folks, including me. Thanks. More like this. Welcome.
    Jay Wright; Anderson, SC

  2. Welcome Ms. Susan. Enjoyed the post ma'am. It can be so easy to fall into the "crab bucket" trap. Satan reminds us of our background, our station in life, the struggles and failures of the past. I liken it to training fleas for the flea circus. Hit your head on the paper plate covering the bag you're trapped in and you learn not so jump that high the next time. Loved the crab bucket analogy ma'am. Looking forward to more posts moving forward. God's blessings.

  3. Thanks so much for letting us read many of the personal objections we speak or think. Crab bucket is a great visual

  4. Excuses and delays will come and go. I pray I will always listen to God's calling for writing. :-)

    1. You’re right. Some days there are more crabs than others. Praying with you, Melissa.

  5. Hey, Susan! Welcome! Loved your crab bucket post, and I'll share!