Monday, April 15, 2019

Marketing Strategy: Make Followers Feel Special

by Karen Whiting @KarenHWhiting

I recently posted a cover reveal as a FB live. I have not posted the cover anywhere else yet, I wanted my FB followers to feel special and be the first to hear the news from me (it is on amazon if one knows the title of searches for my books). This is part of engage marketing where you interact with your readers and make them feel special. They should become special to you too as you interact. Growing a tribe focuses on growing friendships and making them feel you care about them. 

Making readers feel special develops loyalty and gives them a reason to stick around by delivering value. This can be done by sharing news with them first, sharing inside information about what you write, and giving them gifts of value. Those gifts can be a supplement to your book, tip sheets, and promotional codes for discounts on your books. It doesn’t need to cost you money.

Engaging goes a little further when you ask a question or take a survey. I did this with a vote for the favorite new headshot to use for my business cards. And so many followers responded! It’s great to get feedback and hear reasons why readers like something or what they would prefer.

Engagement and making readers feel special can be done in almost any marketing activity. It starts with considering what you can give your followers in each marketing stream.

Give readers insights into your life and writing in your letters to them that is only shared there. That makes them feel as they know you better than other people know you. It also makes them feel that you care and want to let them inside your heart a little more. Be informative but keep it brief. People don’t want to read a saga but enjoy fun and engaging news.

Share news from readers by posting comments received and quotes from fan mail and responses to past newsletters. Add a note from someone who won a book from you. Invite them to an inner circle, like a closed FB group.

Welcome visitors and share videos and news on your site. Give them something special for signing up for your newsletter, such as recipes, tips, or insights into your book. You can add quick links to buy special booklets and tip sheets or get your latest free download and link to your latest interview or video. 

Some people create funnel websites, but these are more engaging if you avoid shouting at the reader and maintain a friendly voice with extra tips at each stop in the funnel. Make the tip and advice more dominant than the clicks to buy more. Hard sale pitches can really turn readers off I know as there are some funnel websites I will never revisit, did not purchase anything, and also never read more from that author because of the hard sales drive. Add testimonials from readers and invite others to send in their testimony or photos.

Social Media
With photos and live videos you can engage followers and talk directly to them. This is a place to announce news and let them see a little of your daily life. Follow you readers back and comment and converse with them. When people post a comment and it’s ignored, they are less likely to post another comment to you. Comment back when someone comments on your posts and live videos. Make it more special by popping onto their page and commenting there. 

Speaking and Book Events
Events bring you in contact with people in a personal way. Thank them for coming with special handouts and promos for your books.
            Create handouts and signage that reflect the theme and location of the event. It’s a way to show you care about them and wanted to be part of their planning and theme.

Go the extra step
Basically, spend time praying for your followers and take extra steps to connect. If you mail a book, be sure to sign it and add a personal note. If they ask you a question, pause to reflect and think about what they really want from you, and then respond. Ask yourself how you can bless your readers.

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Karen Whiting ( is an international speaker, former television host of Puppets on Parade, certified writing and marketing coach, and award-winning author of twenty-five books for women, children, and families. Her newest book, The Gift of Bread: Recipes for the Heart and the Table reflects her passion for bread and growing up helping at her grandparent’s restaurant. 

She has a heart to grow tomorrow’s wholesome families today. She has written more than seven hundred articles for more than sixty publications and loves to let creativity splash over the pages of what she writes. She writes for Leading Hearts, The Kid’s Ark, and BCM International. Connect with Karen on Twitter @KarenHWhiting Pinterest KarenWhiting FB KarenHWhiting


  1. Thank you for sharing your expertise in these areas. Something to digest slowly so as not to be overwhelmed! Keep them coming.... :)

    1. Marketing takes thought and time to be intentional