Sunday, January 21, 2018

What We Can Learn about our Writing Career from Joshua

by Andy Lee @WordsByAndyLee

He had been Moses’s right-hand man.

Full of faith.

Unlike some men who participated in the recon of the Promised Land, he was not dissuaded by the battle that would ensue. He believed they could take them.

Caleb believed too.

But between those two believers, God selected Joshua to step into Moses’s shoes after his death.

What was it about Joshua that made him the chosen replacement?

The secret can be found tucked away in a wrinkle of a page. If you read it too fast, you might miss it. The Bible tells us that Joshua stayed by the tent of meeting even after Moses went back to camp. Joshua stayed there (Exodus 33:11).

Joshua was a worshiper. He hungered for the presence of God, and always placed himself as close to God as he could get.

He. Stayed. There.

Worship as You Wait
Many of us have a dream, a calling, a promised land. We’ve done the footwork. We’ve searched out the land and the obstacles, and we’ve said, “Yes, Lord! Let’s do this! Sign me up!” But it’s taken longer to get to the Promised Land of publishing than we hoped.

We’re tempted to become discouraged.



But there is much we can learn from Joshua.

While they waited to go into the land of the promise, he worshiped.

Not just on Sundays.

Everyday he put himself near the tent where God lived.

I believe this prepared Joshua for the battles ahead.

When the day finally came to lead the nation of Israel into the land, God gave Joshua very important instructions. He said,

“Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous! Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go” (Joshua 1:9).

I’ve always wondered about this verse and God’s “command.” Because the only way I am strong and full of courage is if I’m confident either of my abilities or God’s.

My daddy would command that I get a back-bone (AKA: be strong). But commanding me to be strong made me cry more or mad. I’d grit my teeth and try to force strength that wasn’t there.

The Hebrew word we’ve translated as “command” is the word tsavah (tsaw-vaw’). The first meaning of tsavah is “appoint.”

I love that.

God was reassuring Joshua, “Have I not appointed you?”

“Have I not had faith in you and selected you? Do I not have confidence in you?”

How would you like to hear God say that to you?

Doubt and Discouragement
Have you doubted you will sign the coveted publishing contract or reach best-seller status or become an award-winning writer?

Did God call you?

Did he appoint you to write for His Kingdom?

Then my friends, don’t be discouraged when it’s not looking like you’d hoped or it’s taking forty years too long.

Trust Him.

Camp out with God.

Worship Him.

Because as He promised Joshua, God will never leave us or forsake us. He is with you.

Do your part, and He’ll do His.

Stay near the tent.

Join the conversation: Is there a scripture that keeps you going when you want to quit?


Andy lee is the author of A Mary Like Me: Flawed Yet Called and The Book of Ruth Key Word Study: A 31 Day Journey to Hope and Promise. She is a blogger, inspirational speaker, Bible teacher, and empty-nest survivor. Join hundreds of viewers on her Facebook Live broadcast Monday-Friday for the Bite of Bread, and visit her website at where Andy where Andy provides resources to help you dig deep to live fully.


  1. Blessings, Andy. I needed to read this today. Beautiful and full of hope.

    1. So glad it encouraged you, Ingmar. You encourage so many of us with your comments. I pray blessings and favor as you wait, work, and worship.

  2. Great thought. I couldn't get the click to tweet to work though...

  3. Thanks Jennifer! And thanks for letting us know about the tweet issue. Blessings!

  4. Amen Ms. Andy. Well said ma'am. God's blessings...

  5. Andy, thank you for sharing Joshua and his example of worship and staying close to God. When I first read the title, I remembered a sermon from long ago that our pastor preached, using Joshua as an example. He said it seemed some people fight battle after battle in life, like Joshua did. I thought your post might talke about how writing and publishing is like that--battle after battle. I'm grateful your post was more encouraging! :)

  6. Thank you for sharing Andy. This post was encouraging to me.