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Idea Starters for Writers - Calendar Days - 30 Days of Crazy Holidays & Special Occasions in October

by Edie Melson @EdieMelson

Are you looking for a unique article idea to pitch to a magazine? What about a different blog post or a social media update that gets everyone's attention? Today may be just what you're looking for—it’s time again for Calendar Days. These aren't just fun to read. They’re also a great way to jumpstart our creativity and a fun writing prompt idea. 
In addition, calendar days are great conversation starters for social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, especially when two contrasting holidays fall on the same date or if you can personalize them to someone you know. 

October Holidays, Special Days & Downright Crazy Days

October is:
National Book Month
Fair Trade Month
Computer Learning Month
National Dropout Prevention Month
Breast Cancer Awareness Month
Bat Appreciation Month
Church Safety and Security Month
World Blindness Awareness Month
Church Library Month
Childrens Magazine Month
Celiac Disease Awareness Month
National Vegetarian Month
World Menopause Month
Positive Attitude Month
Photographer Appreciation Month
National Pizza Month
Adopt a Shelter Dog Month
National Popcorn Popping Month
National Sarcastic Awareness Month
National Domestic Violence Awareness Month
National Bullying Prevention Month
Clergy Appreciation Month
Breast Cancer Awareness Month
National Fair Trade Month
National Cookie Month

Weekly Celebrations
Week 1:
National Chimney Safety Week
National Carry a Tune Week
Customer Service Week
National Chili Week
Mystery Series Week
Mental Illness Awareness Week

Week 2:
National Physician Assistants Week
National Newspaper Week
Fire Prevention Week

Week 3:
Freedom of Speech Week
Teen Read Week
National School Bus Safety Week
National Friends of Libraries Week

Week 4:
Red Ribbon Week
Nuclear Science Week
Chicken Soup for the Soul Week
Pastoral Care Week
Get Organized Week

Daily Celebrations
October 1
CD Player Day
World Card Making Day
National Homemade Cookies Day
World Vegetarian Day
International Coffee Day
Older Peoples Day

October 2
National Custodial Worker Day
Name Your Car Day
Change a Light Day
International Day of Non-violence
World Farm Animals Day

October 3
Virus Appreciation Day
World Habitat Day
World Architecture Day
World Day of Bullying Prevention
International Frugal Fun Day
National Techies Day
Boyfriends Day

October 4
Improve Your Office Day
World Animal Day
Ship in a Bottle Day
National Golf Lovers Day
National Frappe Day
National Taco Day

October 5
Country Inn Bed & Breakfast Day
National Walk to School Day
Balloons Around the World Day
Chic Spy Day
National Pumpkin Seed Day
National Do something Nice Day
World Teachers Day

October 6
National Mad Hatter Day
National Noodle Day
Physician Assistant Day

October 7
Random Acts of Poetry Day
National LED Light Day
Bathtub Day
World Smile Day
National Frappe Day

October 8
National Fluffernutter Day
World Octopus Day
National Costume Swap Day
National Motorcycle Ride Day

October 9
World Post Day
Clergy Appreciation Day
National Chess Day
National Pro-Life Cupcake Day (
Curious Events Day
Fire Prevention Day
National Leif Erikson Day
National Moldy Cheese Day

October 10
National Kick Butt Day
Columbus Day
National Online Bank Day
World Porridge Day
World Mental Health Day
Hug a Drummer Day
Native American Day
World Homeless Day
Cake Decorating Day
National Handbag Day
National Angel Food Cake Day

October 11
National Sausage Pizza Day
Face Your Fears Day

October 12
National gumbo Day
National Freethought Day
National Fossil Day
National Emergency Nurses Day
National Farmers Day
National Bring Your Teddy Bear to Work & School Day
Pet Obesity Awareness Day
National Take Your Parents to Lunch Day
National Stop Bullying Day
World Arthritis Day

October 13
National Train Your Brain Day
Navy Birthday
Face Your Fears Day
World Sight Day
International Skeptics Day

October 14
Vet Nurse Day
International Top Spinning Day
World Egg Day
Be Bald and Free Day
National Dessert Day

October 15
Sweetest Day
National Cheese Curd Day
National Grouch Day
National Cake Decorating Day
Bridge Day
National I Love Lucy Day
World Maths Day
Chicken Cacciatore Day
World Students Day
White Cane Safety Day

October 16
World Toy Camera Day
Department Store Day
World Food Day
National Dictionary Day
Steve Jobs Day
National Feral Cat Day

October 17
National Clean Your Virtual Desktop Day
Bosss Day
Black Poetry Day
National Edge Day
Alternative Fuel Day
National Pasta Day
International Day for the Eradication of Poverty
Wear Something Gaudy Day
Spreadsheet Day
National Mulligan Day

October 18
National Chocolate Cupcake Day
World Menopause Day
National Pharmacy Technician Day
Pro-Life Day of Silent Solidarity
National No Beard Day

October 19
Global Dignity Day
National Seafood Bisque Day
Support Your Local Chamber of Commerce
Medical Assistants Recognition Day
Evaluate Your Life Day

October 20
Information Overload Day
Waiters Day
National Get to Know Your Customers Day
Suspenders Day
National Get Smart About Credit Day
Conflict Resolution Day
International Sloth Day

October 21
Apple Day
Back to The Future Day
National Mammography Day
Count Your Buttons Day
National Pumpkin Cheesecake Day
National Reptile Awareness Day

October 22
Caps Lock Day
National Color Day
International Stuttering Awareness Day
National Make A Difference Day
Smart is Cool Day
National Nut Day

October 23
iPod Day
National Boston Cream Pie Day
National Mother-In-Law Day
National TV Talk Show Host Day
National Mole Day

October 24
United Nations Day
National Food Day
Make a Difference Day
National Bologna Day

October 25
Sourest Day
National Greasy Food Day
International Artists Day
Punk for a Day Day
World Pasta Day

October 26
National Pumpkin Day
National Day of the Deployed
National Mule Day
Howl at the Moon Day
National Mincemeat Day

October 27
Black Cat Day
Cranky Co-Workers Day
Navy Day

October 28
National Chocolate Day
National Breadstick Day
National Frankenstein Friday
International Bandana Day
Plush Animal Lover’s Day
Animation Day

October 29
Internet Day
National Oatmeal Day
National Hermit Day
Hug a Sheep Day
National Cat Day

October 30
Create a Great Funeral Day
National Publicist Day
National Speak Up for Service Day
Checklist Day
National Candy Corn Day

October 31
National Caramel Apple Day
Girl Scout Founders Day
National Knock-Knock Jokes Day
National Magic Day
National Magic Day

Now let's do a little brainstorming for next month. What are some of your favorite days from the list and how do you propose using them?

Don't forget to join the conversation!


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  1. I was just looking up these holidays two nights ago. Some of them are so fun. I was planning to use them for ideas of what to cook on certain days, but writing prompts are brilliant as well. Thanks for the list.

    1. Joanna, I'm so glad I was able to help! Blessings, E

  2. I needed some writing motivation. Thank you for this list!

  3. This is brilliant! I would never have thought of all this. Thanks so much--I'm set for those October what-am-I-going-to-post-today moments now. :)

    1. Shannon, I try to save you all some time by doing the research for you! blessings, E

  4. Some of these are too funny. Who has appreciation for a virus? And what in the world is a Fluffernutter?

  5. Fluffernutter. I had to look it up. It's a sandwich made with peanut butter and marshmallow fluff. On white bread. Sounds disgusting but Bon appetit.