Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Calendar Days—September’s Crazy Holidays & Special Occasions—Idea Starters for Writers

by Edie Melson @EdieMelson

It’s time again for Calendar Days. These are just fun to read. They’re also a great way to jumpstart our creativity when looking for ideas for articles and blog posts. They’re also a fun writing prompt idea. 
In addition, calendar days are great conversation starters for social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, especially when two contrasting holidays fall on the same date. Here are some that tickled my funny bone this month:

September 1 is Calendar Awareness Day and No Rhyme or Reason Day—‘nough said. September 4th is Bring Your Manners to Work Day and Hug Your Boss Day. Is it good manners to hug your boss?  September 13 is Defy Superstition Day and Fortune Cookie Day . . . hmmm. And September has three of my favorite holidays—the 19th is Talk Like a Pirate Day, the 22nd is Hobbit Day, and the 24th is Punctuation Day.

September is:
Classical Music Month
Fall Hat Month
National Blueberry Popsicle Month
National Piano Month
Baby Safety Month
Honey Month
Self Improvement Month
Better Breakfast Month
Hispanic Heritage Month
International Square Dancing Month
Little League Month
Chicken Month
National Courtesy Month

Weekly Celebrations
Week 1:
International Enthusiasm Week
National Nutrition Week
National Waffle Week
Substitute Teacher Appreciation Week

Week 2:
International Housekeepers Week
National Assisted Living Week
Suicide Prevention Week
Line Dance Week
Historically Black Colleges and Universities Week

Week 3:
Balance Awareness Week
National Clean Hands Week
National Indoor Plant Week
National Singles Week
Pollution Prevention Week
Prostate Cancer Awareness Week

Week 4:
Deaf Awareness Week
Tolkien Week
National Dog Week
National Keep Kids Creative Week
National Chimney Safety Week
Remember to Register to Vote Week
Sea Otter Awareness Week

Daily Celebrations
September 1
Emma M. Nutt Day (first female telephone operator)
Building and Code Staff Appreciation Day
Calendar Adjustment Day
National No Rhyme (nor reason) Day

September 2
V-J Day
National Beheading Day

September 3
Skyscraper Day
Welsh Rarebit Day

September 4
Hug Your Boss Day
Lazy Mom’s Day
National College Colors Day
Bring Your Manners to Work Day
Newspaper Carrier Day

September 5
International Vulture Awareness Day
World Beard Day
Bacon Day
Be Late for Something Day
National Writing Date Day
International Day of Charity
Cheese Pizza Day

September 6
Fight Procrastination Day
Read a Book Day
Pet Rock Day

September 7
Buy a Book Day
Labor Day
Neither Rain nor Snow Day
Salami Day

September 8
Iguana Awareness Day
International Literacy Day
Another Look Unlimited Day
Pardon Day

September 9
Teddy Bear Day
Wonderful Weirdoes Day

September 10
Swap Ideas Day
World Suicide Prevention Day
Sewing Machine Day

September 11
Patriot Day (911 Remembrance)
Hot Cross Bun Day
Make Your Bed Day
No News is Good news Day

September 12
National Chocolate Milkshake Day
National Hollerin’ Day
National Video Games Day

September 13
Grandparent’s Day
Hug Your Hound Day
International Chocolate Day
National Pet Memorial Day
Scooby-Doo Day
Defy Superstition Day
Roald Dahl Day
Programmers’ Day
Fortune Cookie Day
National Peanut Day
Kids Take Over the Kitchen Day
Uncle Sam Day
Positive Thinking Day

September 14
Boss/Employee Exchange Day
National Kreme Filled Donut Day
Eat a Hoagie Day
World Maritime Day

September 15
Make a Hat Day
Felt Hat Day
8-Track Tape Day
International Dot Day
Greenpeace Day
Get Ready Day

September 16
Collect Rocks Day
Stepfamily Day
Mayflower Day
American Legion Day
Trail of Tears Commemoration Day
National Play-Doh Day
World Ozone Day
Guacamole Day
Working Parents Day

September 17
National Apple Dumpling Day
International Country Music Day
Citizenship Day
Constitution Day
VFW Ladies Auxiliary Day

September 18
National Cheeseburger Day
National POW/MIA Recognition Day
National Respect Day
Air Force Birthday
National Ceiling Fan Day
Hug a Greeting Card Writer Day

September 19
Coastal Cleanup Day
International Talk Like a Pirate Day
International Eat an Apple Day
Gymnastics Day
Big Whopper Liar Day
National Butterscotch Pudding Day

September 20
National Punch Day
Wife Appreciation Day
Nickelodeon’s Worldwide Day of Play
National Women’s Friendship Day

September 21
International Peace Day
Miniature Golf Day
Respect for the Aged
World Alzheimer’s Day
World Gratitude Day

September 22
Business Women’s Day
Hobbit Day
World Car Free Day
Ice Cream Cone Day
Elephant Appreciation Day
Dear Diary Day

September 23
Checkers Day
Restless Legs Awareness Day

September 24
Punctuation Day
National Cherries Jubilee Day

September 25
National Comic Book Day
Psychotherapy Day
Native American Day
World Pharmacists Day
World Dream Day
Hug a Vegetarian Day
National One-Hit Wonder Day

September 26
Johnny Appleseed Day
Love Note Day
Batman Day
Lumberjack Day
National Museum Day
R.E.A.D. in America Day
International Rabbit Day
World Maritime Day
International Lace Day

September 27
Crush a Can Day
Family Health and Fitness Day USA
Ancestor Appreciation Day
World Tourism Day

September 28
Gold Star Mother’s Day
Family Day
Ask a Stupid Question Day
National Good Neighbor Day

September 29
Confucius Day
World Heart Day
International Coffee Day

September 30
National Mud Pack Day
International Translation Day
Ask a Stupid Question Day

Now let's do a little brainstorming for next month. What are some of your favorite days from the list and how do you propose using them?

Don't forget to join the conversation!

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  1. Today is Calendar Adjustment Day and that is what I will do...I have to assign days and times for all the deadlines and activities.
    I love these posts. Thank you for all you do for us. Have a blessed week.

  2. My blog yesterday was about Sept. being America Library Associations' sign up for a library card month. My blog was about the importance of reading.

  3. National Suicide Prevention Month and Get Ready Day jumped off the page for me. I will have to see what I come up with.