Friday, August 2, 2013

Life Lessons—Look a Little Deeper

Shiloh battlefield in Corinth, Mississippi

I’ve been so blessed to have spent the last several days in and around the little town of Corinth, Mississippi. It is so rich in history, particularly surrounding the Civil War.

Every place I turn has a story that altered the face of our nation. The ground that I walked on was rich with events of the past… of heroes and legions.

I’ve visited the Civil War National Battleground at Shiloh. To the unsuspecting eye, it is nothing but peaceful rolling hills in Southern Tennessee. But if you look a little deeper, the history reveals a hard won battle that shaped our nation.

Ivy Green, birthplace of Helen Keller
I realized many things in life aren’t what they appear to be on the surface. We may think an author gets all the breaks and is just plain lucky for being an award winning best-selling author. It is only when we look a little deeper that we see the battle scars they have from a hard fought battle.

While walking through Ivy Green, the birthplace of Helen Keller, I could not see the violent struggles that took place between wild child Helen and her new teacher, Anne Sullivan. It is only when I looked a little deeper that I uncovered the private prison Helen was locked in inside her own silent, dark world.

Reba at the Crossroads in Corinth, Mississippi
During this last week, I’ve learned that, while the suffering seems to reside just below the surface, so is the wisdom and ultimate blessing. The life-changing truth is found only when we look a little deeper. Golden nuggets of wisdom are plentiful and become the precious possession of the one who digs. To the one who is determined to look a little deeper.

I would not trade my few days in Corinth for anything. I am overflowing with rich, glorious history that changed the direction of our great nation. I wish I had words to convey how wealthy I am at this moment. If I stop and listen, I can hear the heartbeat of America in this tiny town of Corinth, Mississippi. It alive and well, and compels me even today to look a little deeper.

What in your life compels you to look a little deeper? What have you found? Share it here!


  1. Time with my grandkids is one of the most enriching times I have. As I watch them and think about my daughter's childhood, it helps me recognize things that are important - things that shaped my life and hers.
    It helps me see that even the small moments are important, life-shaping. Rather than make me apprehensive,it's made me see the beauty and joy in every moment.

  2. You are so right, Reba. It's easy to get distracted by life and think about all the trials we have been through. But when I stop and thank God for all my blessings, things I sometimes take for granted, life is so much richer.