Monday, July 1, 2013

Social Media Monday—10 Never-Fail Ideas for Twitter Updates

Most of you know by now that Twitter is my favorite social networking platform.

You’ve also heard about Edie's Hard-and-Fast 5 to 1 Rule for social networking. The idea behind that rule is simple.

For every update about yourself or your product, you must schedule five updates about someone else.

This keeps social media from becoming ME focused (something that will kill your social media life faster than anything!), and that rule immediately leads into the question I get asked the most.

“Where do I find things interesting things to post on Twitter?”

Today I’m going to give you 10 never-fail ideas for Twitter Updates.

1. Post specials on books from the genre you write. These could be discounts on print books and/or ebooks, as well as free books. Just make sure your Twitter followers will be interested.

2. Promote book review sites that you use to help you find the books you buy.

3. Post a short Bible verse on a specific topic and ask your followers to share their favorites as well.

4. Share links to author interviews that will interest your followers.

5. Announce blog posts that offer give-aways on your favorite authors.

6. Share a quote on a specific topic and ask your followers to share their favorite as well.

7. Share links to sites that reflect some of your personal interests. For me that would be knitting sites or even recipes.

8. Post links to articles that interest your Twitter followers.

9. Give updates on your own writing progress. This could be in the form of a question. You might ask for help in naming a character or finding a good career for him. Or it could be just an announcement that you’ve reached a specific goal.

10. Ask an open-ended question about a current event that would interest your audience. This could be as simple as asking for a movie recommendation or as in depth as requesting an idea for a date night.

Now I’d like to hear from you, what updates are your go-to favorites when you update? Also, be sure to include your Twitter handle when you leave a comment so we can all find new connections. My handle is @EdieMelson

You can find your true Twitter handle by visiting your Twitter home page. In the URL you'll see an address like this: https://Twitter.Com/EdieMelson. The name that follows the .com/ is your handle. Don't be confused by the Name that's  beneath your picture. My friend and fellow columnist on Novel Rocket is a good example. The name under his picture on his home page is Mike Duran, but his Twitter handle is @CerebralGrump ( Now it's your turn, be sure to leave a comment below.

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  1. Replies
    1. Vonda, glad to help! For those who want to add Vonda to their Twitter connections you can find her here: @VondaSkelton . Blessings, E

  2. Great post! I definitely need this! @ptbradley1

    1. Pat, thanks so much for stopping by and leaving your Twitter handle! Blessings, E

  3. Did you read my mind? I was literally wondering what I could do to become a better Twitterer! Thanks! @JeanWilund

    1. Jean, I'm glad this post was timely for you! Blessings, E

  4. thanks for the ideas, Edie. I hadn't thought of some of these, but will be trying them.


    1. Leigh, I'm glad there are some new ideas for you! Thanks for stopping by, blessings, E

  5. Thanks Edie for these great tips. As one who is trying to tweet more, these are very helpful. I especially like the one about tweeting other interest that we have. I'm sure we share many interest with those we follow and who follow us.

    Thanks, as always, for sharing your knowledge.