Saturday, May 25, 2013

Writing Prompt Image—Laughter

What sights bring joy to your heart?

Share your answers in the comment section below. 

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  1. My grandchildren running to greet me. My husband's smile. The blooms of spring. A beautiful sky.--There's so much that God has blessed us with!

  2. I'm just goofy about cats. Someday I hope to be the cat lady with about 15 cats! But in the meantime, I've got 3 cats that my husband and I spoil like crazy. They each have their own quirks and personalities. They bring joy to my heart, especially when they are washing their little faces. Like I said, I'm just goofy about cats!

  3. For me, the most recent outburst of joyous laughter came after I arrived home from BRMCWC. After driving over 2,000 miles I came home to an empty house because my family was gone to my daughter's music lessons. So I drove to the town and when I saw my wife, 4-year-old son and 11-year old daughter, I laughed from an explosion of pure joy. I love being a writer who works hard to get published, but my greatest joy will always be found in being a husband and a father. Just thinking about our reunion yesterday makes me smile as I write this comment. It's's all good.

  4. When do I smile? Watching a pair of giraffes gracefully wander through the trees toward the watering hole yet so awkward when trying to bend down to drink. It makes me smile seeing that God has a sense of humor. Walking down a garden path and looking at simple flowers such as pansies, uniquely brilliant in color yet crisp in design. Myriads of them all the same without flaw. It makes me smile seeing God as an artist. But sometimes I smile a sad smile as I read the news. Highly educated people searching in all of the wrong places for answers to our origins, our greed and ugly hatred toward our fellow man. I smile sadly because the answers are there if we use our eyes and ears. I smile because no matter what, God was and is and is to come.

  5. My heart melted like a hunk of chocolate tossed into a volcano when I came home from working out one Saturday and saw my rough and ready 6' 2" husband wearing a tiara, pink boa, and having a tea party with our four-year-old daughter and her stuffed animals. I walked right back out the door and cried in the car. When I had composed myself minutes later, I went back in and joined them. I always knew he was a great father, but since seeing that, I'm...well, I can't even describe how much he and our marriage mean to me. TMI? Sorry! Just thinking about that time makes me smile!

    --She Likes It Irish
    --In The Bad Boy's Bed

    1. I had to laugh today when I watched a t-ball game. The batter hit a double and the runner on second base didn't run until the dad on the field picked her up and told her to. Took me back about 35 years. Wonderful.

    2. Reading yours, Ellen, made me laugh. I can so see it happening. Things like that make your heart lighter. Sophia

    3. The sight of my children laughing together, my dog doing his floppy run, my husband walking with my children (I take a lot of pictures of those family moments), Wisteria, Sunsets and Sunrises, Good friends I haven't seen in a long many things that God's glory shines through.