Saturday, April 6, 2013

Writing Prompt Image—Sorrow

How do you endure when faced with sorrow? 
Sorrow comes in great waves...but rolls over, and though it may almost smother us, it leaves us.
And we know that if it is strong, we are stronger, inasmuch as it passes and we remain. ~ Henry James

Share your answers in the comment section below. The way I cope is by diving headfirst into the Bible. The book of Psalms kept me sane while our son was deployed to Iraq.

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  1. During my past 15 months of sorrow, I continue to cope by going to the scriptures that remind me of God's peace, strength, grace and love. His Truth is what is accompanying me on my journey and it has been amazing how He has "shown up" to reveal Himself to me.

  2. I have to be alone and writing. It helps me get it out in a safe place.