Saturday, March 23, 2013

Writing Prompt Image—Depth of Life

What are some things you do to add depth to your life?

Share your answers in the comment section below. I can hardly wait to see your suggestions!

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  1. Music adds depth to my life ... anything from praise and worship music to favorite songs that express my thoughts and desires, sometimes when I can't to new songs that surprise me and bring me to tears or closer to the heart of God.

    1. I totally agree! Any of the creative arts can hit me that way, a ballet, staue, painting, etc. thanks so much for sharing, Blessings, E

  2. Deep discussions with my husband and now my children. My twelve year old boy likes to explore issues during our homeschool day.

    Decor. I'm not one for much decorating but when I think of depth I think of the pictures I've hung on my walls for decor. I usually choose those with "depth" - lots of layers (i.e. the shore line up close all the way to a boat in the distance).

    Barb Winters :-)

    1. Barb, aren't kids wonderful! When they share discovers and their thoughts they add a whole new dimension to life! And I find myself drawn to images that reveal more the closer you look. Thanks south for dropping by, Blessings, E

    2. My apologies to MrsP, I'm on my phone and tried to approve her comment and hit the wrong button. Here's her great insight:

      Reading, and teaching add depth. They remind me that we are primarily spiritual beings. They spur me to keep reaching beyond my grasp regardless of my age. They lay eternal ideas on my plate every day so that I don't get tangled too strongly into daily, earthly cares. I want so much to remember that life must be lived on earth, but that it gets its power from God.

      Here's a link to her Blogger profile:

      Thanks for stopping by, and please forgive me for hitting the wrong button!

  3. Walks do it for me. Afterwards, I feel energized, focused and I've usually had some great insight.

    Also, now that we have a puppy, I'm typically outside with her around midnight. It's so still and peaceful, the moon and stars are especially bright, and if I listen, I can hear the waves crashing even though we can't see the ocean from our house. It's magical.

    I never had any reason to be outside at that hour of the night before we got our dog Hannah (which means grace of God). I think she's our angel. Anyhow, stillness and quiet add depth for me.

    Beautiful, beautiful photo, Edie. I could sit and look at it all day.

  4. I agree with Beth -- music certainly adds depth but my first thought was spending time with my family, especially now that we have a granddaughter. She adds a whole new delightful depth to my life. :)

    Beautiful picture, Edie. Thanks!

  5. Gorgeous picture! So many things add depth, but I guess the best is doing fun, goofy things with my family. We love to make fun videos and laugh... ALOT