Friday, January 18, 2013

Life Lessons—What are You Waiting For?

What are you waiting for? It's time to follow that DREAM!
So often, when I tell people I’m a writer, they’ll look at me, sigh and tell me how they want to write . . . if only.

So I ask you, what’ are you waiting for? Is it time, money, fear? Well the year is young and I want to challenge you to put your if only aside and take a chance on your dream.

Here are some practical steps you can take to get started. You’re already partway there—you’re reading this blog!
Find some buddies to support you.
  • Join a writers group—it can be online, or one that meets nearby. Don’t know where to find one? Check with your local bookstores and libraries. Get a copy of The Christian Writers Market Guide, it lists groups in the resources section.
  • Set some goals—TO WRITE. You can’t be a writer if you don’t sit down and write. The goals can be small, maybe a few hundred words a week. Or set a time goal, spend so many minutes a day writing.
  • Make a schedule—I can hear the groaning now and I’m right with you. I HATE schedules—they seem almost anti-creative. But a schedule helped me publish 700+ articles one year. It doesn't have to be a minute-by-minute schedule, just one that lets you know when to work on what.
  • Enlist a friend—preferably one who writes. But anyone will work. When I start a new endeavor I've found I keep my goals when I build in accountability.

MoGo 7000 with Vonda Skelton
If your goal is to write a book this year I have a special announcement for you. 

My friend and writing partner, Vonda Skelton is launching her MoGo 7000 program again. You can win prizes and find support here. Just visit her website, and tell her I sent you! 

Now it's your turn. What are you doing to help further your dream? 

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  1. I'll be attending My Book Therapy's Deep Thinkers retreat next month! I'm super excited to learn more about wordsmithing and writing in general. :)

    1. Lindsay, I can't imagine a better step to take! I wish I was going to be there as well. Thanks for stopping by, Blessings, E

  2. Lindsay, I'm so excited that you are moving forward with your writing. So I can answer the question "what are you waiting for": nothing! yay for you! Keep up the GREAT work.

  3. I'm going to Deep Thinkers, too. My 4th time. You'd thnk I'd get it right after a while. lol But seriously, I credit DT and Susie and Rachel as one of the biggest reasons I'm going to be published next year by Revell. Each year built on the year before.

    1. Pat, that's awesome! Thanks for stopping by, Blessings, E

  4. Edie, I'm headed to Writers Advance! Boot Camp and hopefully BRMCWC this year! So hopefully my dream is being realized! Love you, my friend!

    1. Jamie, I'm glad I'll see you at Boot Camp, and I'm praying you'll make it to Blue Ridge! Blessings, E

  5. I'm in a writers group, have couple of writer friends I talk to, my goals are written down even if the stories aren't ;) and I'm actually sticking to a schedule some days. Also, I attended a writing class in the fall so I'm continuing to learn.

    I'm excited to read your post and find myself on track even if it's not a fast-moving train track. :) I'm slow, but I'm encouraged that I'm moving forward. Thanks, Edie.

  6. As always, great encouragement and wisdom, Edie!! Sweet blessings!

  7. Great info, as always, Edie. And thanks for mentioning MoGo7000. I just sent the 2012 $100 check to the new winner! :-) It really is a great opportunity for all writers. And it's free!