Friday, November 9, 2012

Life Lessons—The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

by Reba J Hoffman

Ok, I know many of you started humming a song just then, didn’t you? I know that, before long, you will be GPS-ing “over the river and through the woods” so you’ll safely make it to grandmother’s house for Thanksgiving. Nothing like family, love, turkey and trimmings. Oh yeah, and lots and lots of FOOTBALL!!!!!

I wouldn’t trade those memories for anything. Know what else I wouldn’t trade? My dreaming. This really is the most wonderful time of my year because it’s when I dream big and set goals for the upcoming year. My imagination conjures up all sorts of exciting possibilities. I usually set about three goals in each important area of my life that I’ll spend my time accomplishing during the 365 days that start January first.

I’ll admit, that doesn’t sound as inviting as Grandma’s pumpkin pie, but I promise you that the results will be just as sweet. Here’s why:
  • If you fail to plan, you automatically plan to fail. Simple as that.

  • A plan is like GPS for your day. It tells you each way to turn, where to get off, and when you’ve arrived.
  • It gives you permission to say no. Yep, even to Aunt Gertrude who wants you to come over and clean Uncle Walter’s dentures. If it’s not on your personal plan, you can say no with gusto.
  • It gives you purpose. A life without purpose is like a bowl full of batter without cake pan. It just sits and goes bad.
  • You won’t waste the precious moments you are gifted each day. Hey, let’s face it. None of us are in a dress rehearsal. This is our one shot at life. And, life is too short to waste it not living your dream, right?

The more centered and intentional you are, the more your family, friends and coworkers will see it, and want to be like you. You’ll also be happier, healthier and love to greet each new day.

So, my request to you is that you take time during this month to seriously plan your next year. What are the things you want to accomplish? What have you been putting off? What do you want to accomplish in your world? Your job? Write it down… make it happen. In fact, I recommend that you read: Write it Down, Make it Happen by Henriette Anne Klauser. It will kick start your new year of success planning.

It really is the most wonderful time of the year! You owe it to yourself to make the most of this time of year!

Have you planned out next year yet? Why or why not? Share it here!

Reba J. Hoffman is the founder and president of Magellan Life Coaching ( She holds a Ph.D. in Clinical Counseling and is a natural encourager. She serves as Member Care Coach for My Book Therapy and is the author of Dare to Dream, A Writer’s Journal. You can connect with Reba through her motivational blog, Finding True North, or by email at You can also follow her on Twitter at @RebaJHoffman.


  1. love the analogy of cake batter...genius!

  2. Hi, my name is Pat and I am a compulsive planner. ;-) Great post, Reba. Already making my plans for next year.

  3. I use the month of December to reread my spiritual journal, look for themes, answers to prayer, and then set my goals. But I've forgotten to review what I t last year! Thanks for the reminder,

  4. I like this one Edie...GPS--God Planned Stuff. I have trouble keeping with my to-do list...this is a keeper for me! Thanks!

  5. What a timely article/blog by your friend, Reba J Hoffman,..never too early to start planning for the new year with 'writing them down now!' I've done this for many years and it works :)

  6. I'm a visual learner and can see my life sitting there like cake batter with no pan. That'll stick with me (no pun intended) for a while ... plan for the pan! Thanks, Reba.

  7. I'm so sorry I haven't had a chance to answer any of you all. I've had events with Veteran's Day on Thursday, Friday, today and then all day tomorrow. I'm absolutely exhausted, but so humbled by God's amazing grace. I agree with all you've shared, and you're right, this post couldn't have come at a better time! Blessings, to you all, E

  8. Sometimes I'm too big a dreamer and make plans that are unreasonable. Then, I'm am frustrated when I can't accomplish all of them. For a while, I gave up on plans and "resolutions" until I heard a pastor say this: "Plans and resolutions express faith in the coming year, that God still has a purpose for you." I've learned that success isn't the issue, it's giving my plans to God and letting Him shape them according to His plans.