Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Can I Set What Shows up in My Facebook News Feed? Part Two

Yesterday I gave you the information you need to Set What Shows up in Your Facebook Personal Profile News Feed. Today I want to continue and show you how you can add Pages into your News Feed and give you a little more info about personalization options you now have.

What About Facebook Pages?
Many people aren’t aware that you can switch your timeline to show what’s happening on the pages you follow. To do that, when you’re on your News feed, look at the menus on the left side of the screen. First you’ll see FAVORITES, then ADS, then PAGES, then GROUPS, then APPS.

Under PAGES, you’ll see Pages Feed. If you click this, your timeline will be populated by the posts on the pages you like. To go back to your regular News Feed, you’ll need to click that, found under FAVORITES.

Suppose you want the pages updates to show in your News Feed? Below Pages Feed, you’ll see another clickable link—Like Pages. Click this and you’ll see a list of all the pages you’ve liked. But on this page, you have the option to like them again. When you do that, they’ll show up in your News Feed.

Sorting Posts
Sorting posts can also affect what you see when in your News Feed. You’ll notice that sometimes you’ll see a post that’s just come up followed by one that’s a day old. Facebook has designated the day-old post as being important. Facebook uses a mathematical algorithm to decide this, but it has to do with four basic things:
  • How many people have commented on a post.
  • How many have shared it.
  • How many have liked it.
  • How many have seen it. 

If you prefer to see posts in the order they’ve been posted, here’s what you’ll need to do. At the top of the News Feed is the word SORT, followed by a tiny arrow. Click on that arrow and choose to either see Top Stories or Most Recent. The default setting is Top Stories. If you want to change it to Most Recent you must do so EVERY time you visit Facebook. There is no way, at this time to set this as the default.

There’s a reason Top Stories is always the default. On the far right side of the News Feed screen you’ll see a Ticker of abbreviated posts. This is a real time Facebook feed. It gives you everything, in the order it happens. If the Ticker bothers you, you do have the option of hiding it by clicking on the small arrow at the top.

Now it's your turn, post any questions you have in the comments section.

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