Monday, June 7, 2010

The Life of a Wordsmith

The Craft and Art of Being a Writer
So many of us agonize over the fact that our words aren't beautiful when we first put them on paper. Some even go so far as to interpret that lack as a a sign from God.. They sigh and mope and finally shrug their shoulders. "Perhaps I was never supposed to be a writer." To which I say, "Poppycock!"

Books aren't written - they're rewritten. Michael Crichton

Writing is more than just stringing words together in an attempt to convey an idea. It’s a craft learned and practiced. Some (I’d count myself among them) would say that the true artists of wordsmithing write so well that the end result looks effortless. This ease and natural style of writing doesn’t come from something they’re born with. It comes from years of hard work and dedication. There are no short cuts in the world of writing.

A professional writer is an amatuer who didn't quit. Richard Bach

There are two parts to writing, the craft and the artistry. It's up to us as the author to intertwine the craft with the creative and find the balance that touches the souls of others. Do this and you will discover your voice and your connection to the stories hidden within yourself.

Easy reading is damn hard writing. Nathaniel Hawthorne

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  1. When asked for a solution to writer's block, the poet William Stafford is reported to have said: "I just lower my standards and keep on going."
    Since the essence of writing is rewriting (Strunk), this works for me all the time!!!!
    Loved this post, Edie!!!

  2. Great quote, Julie! It's going in my file.

  3. Thanks for the quotes, Edie. This post is a great reminder, especially as I edit this week.

  4. Thanks for the encouraging words...sometimes my word level seems to be about kindergarten...

  5. I wish I could remember the exact quote and author, but someone said something like: Writing is easy. All you do is sit down at the typewriter and bleed.

    And yes, I'm fairly certain it said typewriter. :-)

    Thanks for the great reminders!