Thursday, April 15, 2010

Thursday Review - CLASSeminars Writers Express

Last Saturday I had the privilege of spending the day at another writer’s seminar. This one was the Writers Express, put on by CLASSeminars. This one day event covered many topics, touching on all aspects of writing. It covered everything from fiction techniques to article writing for print or Internet.

The main instructors were Linda Gilden and Tama Westman. Also presenting were Vonda Skelton, Craig Von Buseck, And Edna Ellison. CLASS puts on a top notch seminar, with great instructors. This particular seminar is offered in different locations throughout the country. I also recommend their Christian Writers Conference in November at Ghost Ranch in New Mexico.

One of the things I like best about these smaller, one or two day seminars is the size. The more intimate setting encourages questions that many beginners are afraid to ask in a larger setting. It also allows more interaction between the faculty and students.

When I’m planning my year, I like to budget my conference expenses between a mix of smaller and larger conferences and seminars. A lot of people ask me how to find a good conference to attend. I’ve found the best way is from referrals and recommendations.

Let me know what good writing seminars or conferences you’ve attended.
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