Monday, April 12, 2010

Do I Need a Facebook Page? And What is Twitter?

You can look at this digital age we live in as a blessing or a curse—and there are merits to each viewpoint. I happen to take the positive approach. I like the connectedness of this time and place. But, to answer your question. Yes, you need to have a Facebook page. It’s a place to connect with those who have the same interests as you, ie YOUR READERS! And Twitter is just a connection made with fewer characters.

A word of warning here, it’s possible to let these two tools eat into your writing time. For myself, the way I combat that temptation is to schedule my networking time. Many of you have asked how I schedule my day so now is as good a time as any to share it with you. Now, please know that I am NOT an organized person, but this loose arrangement of my day helps me to stay sane in the insane world of freelance writing.

  • 8-9 I answer email (I have two accounts). I check my blog for comments and I check my Facebook and twitter pages. I use this hour to get connected.
  • 9-11:30 I write articles or things that are directly linked to bringing in money
  • 11:30-12 I answer any emails and phone calls that have come in and again check FB, Twitter and my blog
  • 12-1 lunch
  • 1-3 I work on proposals, queries, fiction and things not directly linked to a paycheck
  • 3:30-4 I again check email, phone messages, FB, Twitter and my blog
  • Then, before I go to bed I again check email, FB, Twitter and my blog
Now, some days the times vary, especially if I have a big deadline, but this is my basic schedule. I try not to be subject to emails or even the telephone. Funny thing, I discovered that people are fine with leaving messages and I actually can call them back! This allows me to accomplish what I need to everyday and still stay sane.

Have you found a schedule or way of doing things that helps you cope? Share it with us – I can always use the help!

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  1. Edie, I have a facebook page and a Twitter account. I find I rarely use Twitter, but I check facebook religiously. I tend to check it before I start my daily work, at lunchtime, and around 3 or 4 in the afternoon. I check email twice a day. And I, too, have discovered the love of an answering service in my cell phone. My husband glares at me when I let my phone go to voice mail, but I know the convenience well. Question: Will having a following on my blog and an abundance of friends on facebook qualify as evidence of a receptive readership of my own writing?

  2. Alycia,
    To answer your question, yes. You're starting ahead of the curve, so great job! But the more interaction you have, esp on your blog or writing related on your FB page, the better it will be.
    Do you have your FB account and Twitter hooked together? If not, check out PING . It's a great tool