Sunday, January 22, 2023

How Writers Can Create a Great Lead Magnet Title

by Patricia Durgin @PatriciaDurgin

What Is a Lead Magnet and Why Is the Title Such a Big Deal?

Lead Magnets are the overlooked heroes of online marketing. Unassuming, they stand like sentries on your Home page and social media accounts, ready to serve at a moment’s notice.

We want ours to be so obviously helpful that readers can’t resist signing up to read it (trading their name and email to have access to it). 

In their most basic format, Lead Magnets are 3-10 pages long and in PDF format. They include a great cover image, an enticing title (bonus points for an equally interesting sub-title), with images, graphics, or infographics to support the content. 

They also include lots of “white space,” a designer term meaning empty space with no words or images. White space breaks up content and gives the reader a visual chance to pause and absorb your content. 

Few people read page after page text with nothing to separate them—that’s like reading a clinical report—and who wants to do that? 

The goal of a Lead Magnet is to answer a single question or solve a single problem the reader is dealing with now. It’s not about what you know they need; it’s offering a solution to their most pressing problem or helping them reach their most desired goal.

Titling your Lead Magnet is everything. Potential readers sign-up for it, or not, based entirely upon that single piece of information. Does your title promise it can help your readers in the specific way they want to be helped? If not, keep working on it. It’s that important. 

The Process in Action

I helped a friend develop her Lead Magnet title recently. Her ministry serves Christian women dedicated to praying for their children. Here’s how our conversation went (I changed her name for privacy). 

Becca: I'm working on a new Lead Magnet.

Me: Great! What's your working title?

Becca: 10 Truths About Prayer

Me: Now add a promised result...

Becca: 10 Truths About Prayer That Will Change Your Prayer Life

Me: Are your readers praying for themselves or their children?

Becca: 10 Truths About Prayer That Will Transform Your Prayers for Your Child

Me: A bit wordy. Make it tighter (reducing the number of words while keeping the primary idea 

= stronger title).

Becca: Prayer Can Transform Your Child's Life

Me: Better but informational. What's the end result your readers desire for their children?

Becca: Transform Your Child's Life Through Prayer

*** YESSSS!!! ***

See how that title "plants a flag"? Do "this" and you'll get "that."

Your readers (and mine) don’t want more information. They want to experience a change. 

They're looking for someone who'll stand up in the crowd and proclaim, "Do this (your message) and you'll experience that (the change they want)."

Your CONTENT may be phenomenal, but if your TITLE is not clear, action-oriented, reader-focused, with a promised result that readers want, your Lead Magnet will not help as many people as it could. What. A. Shame.

Sound marketing connects you to your audience and grows your platform, but it's not intuitive.

Fortunately, it's not a gift to be inherited (or not). It's a skill. And skills can be learned. 


Shape Your Content to Fit Your Title

Becca had specific content in mind to match her former title, 10 Truths About Prayer.

As we continued chatting, I mentioned that if she’d add a number that fits her content (or if she adjusts her content to coordinate with a number), her title could be: 10 Prayers to Transform Your Child's Life.

I suggested three potential content options that would match the title above: 
  • 5 Traits to Pray “In” + 5 Traits to Pray “Out” 
  • 10 Scriptures with Promises in Those Areas and 
  • 10 Prayer Prompts with Suggested Words

She chose the first content idea above (5 Traits...) and matched it with her new, results-oriented title (10 Prayers...). 

Compare her first title (10 Truths About Prayer) to this one (10 Prayers to Transform Your Child's Life). See how the last one is action-oriented, it makes a promise (IF readers apply her message), and it tells readers what info they'll receive?

There is no "magic title." Work the process. Refine. Tighten. Focus on the result your title promises. Make it clear. More readers will sign up and their lives will change when (in this case) they pray for their children, which is the goal of Becca’s ministry! BOOM!


Patricia Durgin loves clarity! It's her honor to serve Christian writers and speakers who are on fire for Jesus but who—whether beginners or advanced—lack the clarity to market their message beyond their family and friends. As a recognized marketing coach and strategist, Patricia serves via one-on-one and small group coaching, online courses, and a private Facebook group for Christian communicators. She contributes monthly columns to The Write Life, Almost an Author, and as of this article, The Write Conversation. Yay! 

Though Patricia's vision impaired, Jesus sends her on grand adventures across the country, all to serve Him. Don't worry...He sends the help she needs. One day that might be you! 

Connect with Patricia at MARKETERSONAMISSION.COM


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