Thursday, January 26, 2023

Encouragement When You Don’t Think You Have What It Takes as a Writer

by Henry McLaughlin @RiverBendSagas

In Mark 7:30-44, Jesus feeds 5,000 with five small loaves and two fish. In Mark 8:1-10, Jesus feeds 4,000 with seven loaves.

Prior to each miracle, Jesus asked his disciples, “How much food do you have?”

Interestingly, the twelve had no food in either miracle, but they found small amounts in the crowd. Jesus took what they found and miraculously multiplied it.

In each instance, the apostles had no idea how to feed the people. In one they said the equivalent of, “It’ll take half a year’s wages to feed this crowd.” In another, they recommended Jesus send everybody home because there wasn’t a Chick-fil-A across the street.

They saw limited resources and had no idea how they could feed so many people with so little supply. Until they gave those resources to Jesus. Then there was plenty for everyone.

Do you sometimes feel you have no more to give? 

I have at times. I’ve felt physically, mentally and spiritually drained until I had no resources left. But there were still people in need.

But when we give Jesus our “bread”—our resources no matter what they are or how feeble they seem, he is able to multiply it to provide for others.

And our resources aren’t just limited to our finances. Besides money, we have time. We have skills and gifts and talents, uniquely placed in us by God. We have the means to help others even when we think we don’t. What we’re missing is to involve Jesus. 

On our own, my wife and I can’t give financial wisdom and counsel to others. But when we join with Jesus, he multiplies our supply. He gives us patience to listen and discernment to understand. He gives us words of insight and encouragement. He gives us knowledge of tools and resources to share with those who are hurting. When we yield ourselves to him, he is able to do above and beyond anything we could ever think or imagine. And we’ve seen the miracles he’s brought into people’s lives.

God has gifted me as a writer. Believe me. I couldn’t write on my own. I’ve tried and disaster followed. When I yielded to his call to write, things happened. An award-winning book followed by others. 

Then he extended the call to help others on their writing journeys. I balked, believing I had nothing to give. He patiently showed me gifts and talents he’d placed in me to teach, edit, mentor, and coach. 

Praise him for his patience with us. He opened doors for me to share these gifts with others. I’ve grown as a person and as a writer because I gave him what I saw as limited resources—my own few small loaves and a couple of fish. And he used them to bless others. And I’ve been rewarded to see their growth and success.

It may not look to you like you have much but give it to God and let him bless it. Walk in faith and obedience to serve others and watch what he will do.


Henry’s debut novel, Journey to Riverbend, won the 2009 Operation First Novel contest.

Henry edits novels, leads critique groups, and teaches at conferences and workshops. He enjoys mentoring and coaching individual writers.

Connect with Henry on his BLOG, TWITTER and FACEBOOK.


  1. Thank you, Henry. This reminder to turn everything over to God, the talents we have, lifts the burden of stress in reaching out to others.

  2. Thank you for this encouragement, Henry.

  3. You have the gift of encouragement! Thank you

  4. Thank you for the encouraging words! When we give him our limited resources, He can do much for His Kingdom's purposes! And, obviously, we know He can do whatever He chooses, even without our help, but I'm just glad He allows us to take part in His plans.

  5. Encouragement needed at the right time. Thanks, Henry!

  6. Thank you, Henry, for this important reminder. It was much needed!

  7. "God doesn't call the equipped; He equps the called" . I used that thought in a book I wrote that's to be published this spring.