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A Free Gift for Writers: The Writer’s Social Media Advent Calendar

by Edie Melson @EdieMelson

Social media isn’t a favorite thing for a lot writers and speakers. And for many it brings a great deal of stress. But it IS a great way to connect with those we serve. This year, I’d like to offer you a gift—a way to connect with your readers that’s already organized and ready to go. 

I spent a lot of time trying to figure out something that would help you, WITHOUT adding additional stress. And this is what I’ve come up with—a social media advent calendar for writers to use to bless their audience.

How to Use the Writer's Social Media Advent Calendar
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Social Media Advent Calendar for Writers to Bless Their Readers

December 1
Create an Acrostic with the word PEACE. You can use each letter as the beginning of a word, or a phrase, or you can use the letter somewhere inside the word. The idea is to stretch your creativity and encourage your audience to do the same! (The image to the left is what I created for day one. I'm including and the one for December 2 so you can see what you'll get when you subscribe)

I came up with this one: 


December 2
This is a Challenge. Ask your followers to Create a Christmas Bucket List. I’ve found in years past that when the holiday season was finished I had regrets—things I’d wished I’d taken time to do. To combat this, I began creating a Christmas Bucket List to help me stay on track. The things I include are
  • Ask God to give me the eyes to see a miracle this holiday season
  • Take time to go Christmas caroling
  • Give me the opportunity to bless a stranger
  • Go ice skatingContemplate a starry night and how it must have been in Bethlehem

December 3
This or That: Real or Artificial Greenery? This is the chanced to get your audience to participate. People have strong feelings about certain parts of the holidays, for some it’s whether the tree and greenery is real or artificial!

December 4
What day do you decorate and what day do you take the décor down? This is another question that people are very opinionated about! 

December 5
Gift Exchange Ideas. I always have several gift exchange parties during the holidays. Many of them have limits on how much can be spent. So asking my followers for good ideas is a great way to get something unusual.

December 6
Share a Funny/Happy Christmas Pet Story. Most people either have pets, used to have a pet or know someone who has a pet. And our furry friends usually give us some great stories—some funny and some precious—to share during the holiday. 

December 7
Favorite Christmas Movie. We all have them—a movie or TV special that we must see during the holidays. Ask your followers to chime on with theirs and maybe we’ll all discover some new viewing favorites!

December 8
Favorite Place to Visit During the Holidays. There is a certain street in a neighborhood nearby that we always make sure to visit because the Christmas lights are always so beautiful. I have a friend who visits a certain town, and another who absolutely loves the beach at Christmas. 

December 9
This or That: White Lights or Colored Lights? Here’s another opportunity to let your audience chime in with their preferences. Here in our family, we’re a house divided—Kirk loves colored lights and I’m partial to white lights. So we have TWO Christmas trees—and now we’re both happy!

December 10
Favorite Christmas Craft. You knew I’d have to squeeze this one in. I love knitting, crocheting and crafting in general. Every year I try to come up with a Christmas craft that allows me to share my creativity. One year I took light bulb ornaments, used a paint pen to add the year and a Bible verse and tied the ornament with a ribbon. I kept these in a box by the front door and everyone who came to the house got to choose one to take home.

December 11
Share an old picture from a Christmas Past. We all have them. Photos from Christmas past. Some are cute and some include 80s hair and ugly sweaters (back when we thought the sweaters were pretty). Now’s the time to share!

December 12
Favorite Gift Given/Received. We all remember those special gifts that made a lasting impression. Share yours and ask your audience to share theirs.

December 13
Favorite Christmas Carol. Music is an integral part of the holidays for most of us. Kirk and I got married on December 19 and I had a flutist play What Child is This during the ceremony. So every time we hear that carol, we’re transported to that precious day!

December 14
Share your tradition(s). What absolutely has to happen every year? Is it a food, a gathering, a certain ornament or all of the above? Share your traditions, ask your audience to do the same and we might all begin making new traditions!

December 15
Challenge: Give Back at Christmas. I have friend who purchases several $5 gift cards and takes one day to hand them out to strangers. Others fill shoeboxes or serve food at a soup kitchen. This is a great time to show the love of God so let’s spur each other on with new ideas.

December 16
This or That: Gift Card or Gift. Here’s another hot button topic. Some people are offended by gift cards, others adore them. (I fall in the adore-receiving-them-camp.) This will be another way to get the conversation humming on your social media feed.

December 17
Favorite Dessert. What’s yours? Gingerbread, chocolate chip cookies, pie or something more adventurous. This year our local critique group discovered we all have a different recipe for something called Christmas Crack. So we’ve planned a party around that theme. We’re all bring our version ready-made and a copy of the recipe to share. I’m putting together an ebook of all our recipes and we’ll have a fun keepsake to remember our precious friendships.

December 18
Conversation Ideas for Family Gatherings. We all have them and sometimes they can be awkward. Here’s an opportunity to get some ideas for conversation starters to keep the verbal ball from injuring someone! 

December 19
Focus on the Reason for the Season. We’re in the home stretch and many of your online friends will be weary of the chaos and superficiality that creeps in. So help them redirect their focus by sharing what you do to remember why it’s called CHRISTmas!

December 20
Favorite Holiday Drink. Kirk loves hot chocolate and wassil. I’m a fan of coffee flavored drinks. Do you have favorite beverage that enhances a quiet holiday evening at home or with friends?

December 21
Memories of Childhood Christmas. What do you remember from your childhood Christmas’s? Now’s the time to wax nostalgic and encourage your online friends to do the same. 

December 22
Funny Christmas Catastrophe. We all have them, the year something went wrong on Christmas. Ours is a humdinger. One year we bought our 16-year-old son his dream car—an old model Jeep. Kirk went to pick it up on Christmas Eve after the boys went to bed and it died on the way home. Instead of a car in the driveway, all our son got was a box of keys and the long wait while we had the engine replaced after the mechanic got back to work.

December 23
Favorite Christmas Eve Tradition. For me, it wouldn’t be Christmas Eve without a candlelight service at church. Before kids we attended the midnight service, now we opt for the one earlier in the day. 

December 24
What does Jesus mean to you at Christmas? In my opinion, this is the opportunity to share our hearts with those we may never meet in person. By talking about what Jesus means to me, I have the ability to introduce someone to my Savior. When we share our hearts honestly, we encourage and empower others to do the same. Who knows, this one question might break the internet—in a GOOD way!

December 25
Merry Christmas! This one is all yours. I didn’t include an image because I want you to send this one yourself. If all you can do is type the words, that’s GREAT! If you want to create a fancy image, that’s great too. The important thing is to let those we interact with online know that we care and are thinking about them.

So here it is, my gift to you. Please know that each of you is a loved and treasure part of my community. I adore doing life with you!

Don’t forget to join the conversation!


Edie Melson is a woman of faith with ink-stained fingers observing life through her camera lens. She’s a writer who feels lost without that device & an unexpected speaker who loves to encourage an audience. She also embraces the ultimate contradiction of being an organized creative. She knows the necessity of Soul Care and leads retreats, conferences & workshops around the world on staying connected to God. Her numerous books, including the award-winning Soul Careseries & reflect her passion to help others develop the strength of their God-given gifts. Her blog, The Write Conversation is recognized as one of the top 101 industry resources. 

She and husband Kirk have been married 40 years and raised three sons. They live in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains and can often be found hiking—with Edie clinging to the edge of a precipice for the perfect camera angle and Kirk patiently carrying her camera bag and tripod. Connect with her on her website, and through social media.


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