Friday, September 30, 2022

Ripples and Results: The Value in Updating Your Online Presence

by Yvonne Ortega @YvonneOrtega1

Have you ever changed one small item on your bio and then felt shocked at what else you needed to update? Simple changes had a ripple effect on my upcoming interactive workshop.

On Writer’s Chat, sponsored by Serious Writer, Inc., I noticed promotion of our next guest, author Edie Melson, to teach on writing an author bio. Since Edie is an expert on this topic, I squeezed that session into my workday. I didn’t think I would have much to update on mine. After all, I had several headshots and my bio done in the past couple of years.

The Effect on My New Look

I looked at my headshot. Gracious, my photographer took it in 2012. My hair was four inches longer. That was only half the problem. I didn’t need eyeglasses then. My contact lenses served me well. When I switched to prescription eyeglasses, that changed my look. I could get a new headshot without any inconvenience. Right?

Yes, I could get a headshot, but it wasn’t easy. My photographer and her husband had sold their home and studio to camp around the country. They would be in a nearby city for one day in mid-September, which would mean a three-hour round trip plus tolls. I had scheduled my interactive speaking workshop for women for Saturday, October 8, 2022. I needed a photographer as soon as possible so people would recognize me when they met me.

The Effect on My Media Kit

The new bio also affected my downloadable media kit on my website. It has the same headshot. Furthermore, I eliminated my involvement in good organizations and leadership positions to focus on the best for me at this time. I thought I had changed that information. Sadly, I had completed only a small portion of it.

The effect on my Amazon author page and social media

My website bio, headshots, and blogposts automatically go from my website to my Amazon author page. Of course, that means the need for an overhaul will show up there, too. My promotional flyer for my newsletter and social media stare me in the face and seem to say, “How fast can you wave a magic wand?”

To move forward, I received my bio critique from Edie a week later. I took immediate action based on her advice: scheduling a salon appointment for a trim, hiring a local photographer, and working on posting my revised bio.

At least now people will recognize me at the upcoming interactive speaking workshop, and I hope they will feel like they know me, too.

Your Turn:

How long has it been since you revised your bio? Is it up to date?


Yvonne Ortega walks with a small footprint, leaving a giant imprint in the lives of those she meets. Within this power-packed package is a professional speaker who offers encouragement, support, and accountability. Her calling to help women who face challenges move forward and live the abundant life through Christ has endeared her to thousands. As a gifted instructor, she helps those who speak and write make connections and find community. In addition to being a multi-published author, known for her Moving from Broken to Beautiful Series, she has degrees in Spanish and English and a master’s degree in education in counseling from the College of William & Mary.

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  1. Yvonne, i appreciate the real, everyday-life tone that infuses your posts. Thanks for the reminder! : )

  2. Chris Wells, you're welcome. Thank you so much for stopping by and for your kind words. Love & Prayers, Yvonne Ortega