Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Lead Your Readers Deeper into God's Word When You Ask this One Insightful Question

by Katy Kauffman @KatyKauffman28

What question can we ask about any passage in the Bible so we can learn from it? What question would apply to both the Bible’s stories and its promises? What could we ask about Psalms and Proverbs that we could also ask about the books written by the prophets? What question would fit both Romans and Revelation?

A key question for writing about anything in the Bible is this:

What does God want us to know or to do?

Housed in the pages of Scripture is a manual for living. It shows us what God wants us to know—promises, realities, goals, and warnings. It also shows us what He wants us to do—instructions, strategies, steps, and daily choices. 

So if we ever get stuck in knowing what to write about, we can look at a passage of Scripture, and ask, “What does God want us to know or to do according to this passage?” And we’ll have writing fodder for a lifetime.

When we ask this question about the stories in the Old Testament:
  • We discover what to know—what happens when we trust God or when we don’t, promises we can hold on to or warnings we need to heed, examples of God’s character and why He is trustworthy, and why perseverance is worth it.
  • We discover what to do—how we can follow God and overcome challenges, how to grow in Godliness, how to stay under God’s leadership, and how to stay on the path to more freedom and joy.
When we ask this question about the Gospels:
  • We discover what to know—who Jesus is and what He can do in our lives, how personable God really is, what we have to look forward to in heaven, how God wants us to live now, and the consequences of unbelief and hardness of heart. 
  • We discover what to do—the way to relate to a loving God, how to trust God for great things, how to live out God’s wisdom, and how to pray.
When we ask this question about Paul’s epistles and the other letters:
  • We discover what to know—the realities of life in Christ, the constitution (inner workings) of our faith, how God calls us to be involved in His work, and the promises we can cling to and the pitfalls to avoid. 
  • We discover what to do—how to live out what Jesus made possible for us, how to serve Him with love and humility, how to overcome our own weaknesses and fears, and how to be there for one another.
When we ask this question about Revelation:
  • We discover what to know—the church has a call from our Lord to be faithful and diligent, the earth has an expiration date, the period of tribulation will be terrifying, and Jesus overcomes.
  • We discover what to do—share the gospel with the time we have left, be faithful until the very end, remember who has the final victory, and do God’s will now because people’s lives hang in the balance. 
So let’s be on fire for God and keep studying and writing. The more we study God’s Word and write about it, the more we understand what He wants us to know and to do. As we ask this key question in our Bible study time, our own hearts will be shaped by what we discover, and our writing will be infused with strategies, helps, comforts, and enrichment for our readers. 

Think about your favorite verse in Scripture, and ask—What does God want me to know or to do? What takeaway, or application, do you see for that verse? In the comments below, share the reference of your favorite verse and your answer. Let’s celebrate the richness and relevance of God’s Word to our everyday lives. 

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Katy Kauffman is an award-winning author, an editor of Refresh Bible Study Magazine, and a co-founder of LIGHTHOUSE BIBLE STUDIES. She loves connecting with writers and working alongside them in compilations, such as Feed Your Soul with the Word of God, Collection 1 which is a 2020 Selah Awards finalist. She also enjoys encouraging writers and giving writing tips in her monthly writers’ newsletter called THE LIGHTHOUSE CONNECTION.

In addition to online magazines, Katy’s writing can be found at CBN.COM,, and three blogs on writing. She loves to spend time with family and friends, create art and make crafts with her group MY ARTSY TRIBE, and tend the garden in the morning sun. She makes her home in a cozy suburb of Atlanta, Georgia. Connect with her on FACEBOOK and TWITTER.


  1. Thank you for your excellent post, Katy! Much food for thought.

  2. In a group session with veterans I go to, the facilitator asks these questions for each of us to respond to whatever we read for that day. 1) What is God saying to you, individually, through this passage? 2) What're you going to do about it?

    1. Hello, Warren! Thank you for sharing those. We always have to remember that second question - to create a plan of action and practice His Word.

  3. Excellent ideas for directing God's purpose in our writing!

    1. Thanks so much, Sally Jo. God bless your studying and writing!

  4. So simple, yet profound. Thank you for this, Katy!