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3 Reasons Introverted Writers Make Effective Speakers

by Linda Goldfarb @LindaGoldfarb

If your storytelling style is deeply methodical, you have the makings of an excellent public speaker. 

Oh, my friend, does God have a plan for you. Indeed, you read correctly. Some of the world's most compelling speakers are introverts—Abraham Lincoln, Rosa Parks, Eleanore Roosevelt, and Gandhi, to name a few. Hearing these names alone should heap a ton of hope into your extraordinary, introverted writer's soul. Personality-wise, introverts, Stabilizers, and Organizers are well known for making a positive impact with their words. Though appearing timid to some, perhaps even awkward growing up, every shy writer has the potential to be exceptional as a speaker.

How is it possible, you might ask, for a quiet behind-the-scenes writer to speak so people will listen, let alone be glad they did? Because God designed all of us to be effective for His purpose, no matter our personality style, and if you write—you will speak.

Three Reasons Introverted Writers Excel as Speakers:
(I'd like to know if I'm describing you.)

1. Introverted Writers are Deep Thinkers

Consider Meek Martha and Gentle Gene. 

Martha and Gene think before giving their opinions in private and personal settings. When they do speak, it’s evident they ponder their words carefully before sharing them. 

As far as Martha presenting on stage or Gene offering his opinion as an interviewee, they take their speaking opportunities seriously. Each prefers to think long and hard before they present. 

Gene takes his time preparing his speech. He may not rush up on stage, yet arriving at the lectern, his message will be heartfelt and competent. Martha’s message invites her audience on a journey they will remember. 

Can you relate to either or both of our deep-thinking speakers? What topic do you see as your profound thought message? 

2. Introverted Writers are Factfinders

Consider Dig-Deeper Dave and Data-Diva Denise.

Do you, like Dave and Denise, love research? Does your heart race when you start a project, knowing you will spend a lot of time discovering details? Do you seldom embellish a story? Oh, my friend, you are designed to be an exceptional speaker, just like one of my BFFs.

Linda Gilden, my introverted coauthor and cofounder of the LINKED® Personality system, loves chickens. She puts Dave and Denise to shame with her knowledge about chickens. Proving her prowess as a keynote presenter, Linda closed out the 2021 BRMCWC with "Eggucation-Writing Tips from the Chicken Yard.” I will say, “She brought the coop down,” leaving every seat empty—no words required, while the rousing applause affirmed Linda as an exceptional public speaker.

What tools do you gravitate to for research? Honestly, if you have a list in your mind, there's no test needed as to your ability to craft a speech worth listening to. 

Introverted Writers are Prayer Warriors 

Consider Prayerful Penelope and Loyal Larry.

Prayer is essential for influential Christian speakers. Penelope and Larry will cover every situation in prayer. Intercessory prayer? They're on it. Community prayer? Ready for action. Personal prayer? The need list is completed and sent out.

A prayer-saturated speech cannot be anything less than exceptional. You, my introverted messenger, have supernatural strength within you. Once you tap into the Holy Spirit, lean in close, and release any fear, doubt, or depressing thought in God's direction, He has you and is ready to shine through you. 
  • Fire up your prayer chain. 
  • Engage your armor. 
  • Step out in confidence. 

What About Cold Speakers-Feet?

Are you wavering over the possibility of having cold feet? Welcome to the club of everyone-who-has-ever-stepped-on-a-stage or spoken into a microphone. Introverts or extroverts, personal insecurities rise when we step out in our calling. No worries, check out these three empowerment routines to use before you step up to speak.

Clinch Your Fists for 5-8 Seconds. Clinch, then release slowly. Practice at home to create a comfortable rhythm. My serving routine primed me for a good strike when I played volleyball. Bounce-catch, bounce-catch, bounce-catch, strike. Clinching our fists works the same way in preparing to deliver our talks—without the ball. Repeat no more than three times (as this can lead to procrastination and no one has time for that—LOL)

Remember Why You’re Speaking. God has given you something to say. Though what you share equips others, you will need to talk about yourself, which may not be easy. Remember, you are the messenger God chose to convey your message, your testimony—to speak for His glory. Believe it or not, speaking may become one of your new sweet spots.

Breathe in Slowly and Breathe out Completely. Breathe in for a count of four seconds through your nose, hold for five seconds, then breathe out completely through the mouth on the count of six or seven, allowing the air to flow gently over your bottom lip.

I realize you may have a few can I really do this, thoughts bouncing around in your head, and it's completely normal and expected. That said, your design is perfect for an effective vocal messenger of God. And you're not alone. Ask your questions. I'm here to help you in any way I can. 

Until next time, remember Father always equips those He calls to service. 


Besides hosting the award-winning, YOUR BEST WRITING LIFE PODCAST, Linda Goldfarb is a multi-published award-winning author, audiobook narrator, international speaker, board-certified Christian life coach, and the co-owner, co-founder of the LINKED® Personality System, and co-author of the LINKED® Quick Guide to Personality series.

Linda and her hubby, Sam are empty nesters leading full lives. With four adult children and grand-baby #15 on the way—life is a new adventure every day. She loves sipping frothed coffee with friends, traveling the countryside with Sam, and sharing transparent truth to help others take their next best step—personally and professionally.

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  1. Thank you for this. People usually don’t have a lot of good to say about introverts.

  2. I just finished rehearsing a speech I'm to give in two days! Timely post for me.

    1. Most excellent! How did your speech go? I'd enjoy knowing how you applied info from the post.

  3. Many of my best friends are introverts and I love everything about them. As an extrovert, I need introverts in my life to bring about balance. I'm glad you found value in my post.