Wednesday, May 11, 2022

5 Ps to Conquer Writing Deadlines

by Linda Gilden @LindaGilden

Some weeks the writer’s life bring some pretty hefty back-to-back and sometimes overlapping deadlines. Here are a few tips to make the struggling and juggling those writing deadlines a little easier.

5 Tips to Meet Writing Deadlines

Make prayer your first step in meeting every deadline. Take time to ask God’s blessing and direction on every project you undertake. The time you take to talk to Him about what you are working on will be multiplied as you write.

Make a written list or keep it in your head, but make a list. Which projects have the closest deadlines? (Sometimes it comes down to a few hours difference in the deadlines.) Which can be pushed into next week? All are important so be sure you don’t let one fall between the cracks.

Are there any projects that could share research? Even if not, decide what you need to learn, then set aside a specific time for research. Doing it all at one time will make your writing time more efficient. Just be sure to keep good notes as to what information goes with which project. Also, plan some family time in the schedule. Even an hour at dinner with your spouse, playing with the grandchildren, or walking in the garden alone will refresh you and make you more productive.

No, I don’t mean look for a coauthor. Writing is not a solo occupation. Your spouse, your family, and others are an important part of what you do. If you have a season of heavy deadlines, discuss it with your family. Ask them to take some of your chores or to cook a meal to free your time time to write. Talk to your close friends and your prayer team and ask them to pray for you during this intense time of writing.

Whatever you do, don’t let major deadlines weigh you down. Stand strong, work according to the plan you have devised, and don’t give up. Even though you are alone when you write, you have an audience waiting to hear the wisdom of your words. You are making a difference. Your words can change the course of someone’s day.

Now head back to the computer and write the words that will make you a life-changer. Martin Luther said it well. “If you want to change the world, pick up a pen.” 


Linda Gilden has coauthored 11 books with 5 different coauthors and has #12 and #13 coming out in 2022, adding a new co-author to the list. She loves every one of her coauthors and enjoys collaborating on interesting projects with them. She also has written many books on her own and realizes what a treasure and blessing a good co-author is.


  1. Thank you—I really needed this—working on first book contract!