Wednesday, March 30, 2022

As Writers We've Accepted the Post of Ambassador

by Edie Melson @EdieMelson

Therefore, we are ambassadors for Christ, certain that God is appealing through us. 2 Corinthians 5:20

I’m constantly amazed at how God chooses to use me in the work He’s doing in this 
world. It’s humbling and terrifying at the same time.
I’ve been looking at this verse, trying to wrap my mind around what being an ambassador for Christ 
looks like when it’s applied to the life of a writer. As I studied the parallels between the role of ambassadors in world governments
 and our role as Christ—following—writers, I was struck by the lessons hidden there.

The first thing I saw
 was the fact that, here in the 
 world, those who are ambassadors don’t live in their own countries. They are strangers in a strange land. That’s also true of believers. This world is our temporary home, even though our time here can sometimes seems endless.

Next, I realized that ambassadors are appointed, not elected. They haven’t campaigned for their position, it’s a gift of responsibility. We are also appointed—as believers and as writers 
for the kingdom—chosen by God and elevated to the position of spiritual ambassador. It’s not because we’re better than anyone else, it’s simply a gift of grace.

Finally, earthly ambassadors don’t get to choose their country of service. That too is the choice of the one they serve. As 
writers, we have each been chosen to serve where God places 
He’s the one who brings the words, the contracts, and the publication. 

As a writer, I’ve often chaffed at this restriction. I wanted to do big things for God. I had 
a definite opinion about where and how I wanted to live out my dream. Thank goodness God had other plans.

It turns out, when I look back, His plans were much better. They went farther and deeper than I ever imagined. For some reason, we writers tend to think too small. And we assume that if God doesn’t do things our way, the outcome will be just a shadow of what we want. That 
couldn’t be farther from the truth.

A Prayer for an Ambassador in a Strange Land

For this world is not our permanent home; we are looking forward to a home yet to come. Hebrews 13:14 (NLT)

Dear Lord, every day I’m reminded that I live in a place that isn’t my home. This world becomes more and more strange as it drifts farther from Your truth. I often wonder how a writer who follows You can have any impact in such an evil time as this. 

I know Your Word tells us that the world hated You and it will hate those who belong to You, but somehow I didn’t expect it to hurt so much. I’m weary of writing to a culture that has nothing but contempt for You. They celebrate the things that bring You sorrow and ridicule the things You hold dear.

I thought when I agreed to write for You that I’d be writing to those who know You. I’d encourage my brothers and sisters, and lead those eager to know You into a deeper relationship. Instead You’ve sent me into places where people hate You. You’ve asked me to stand up for You on social media and through all sorts of uncomfortable situations. 

You’ve asked me to learn about technology that scares me, and reach out to people who already hate me. I’m such a coward at heart and I need Your courage as I continue to follow You. 

Surround me with other believers who can encourage me. Use us to strengthen one another as we go into the world bearing a light it’s determined to extinguish. Keep me strong and focused on You, no matter what. Amen

*This post is an excerpt from Soul Care for Writers (Bold Vision Books 2019)


Edie Melson is a woman of faith with ink-stained fingers observing life through the lens of her camera. No matter whether she’s talking to writers, entrepreneurs, or readers, her first advice is always “Find your voice, live your story.” As an author, blogger, and speaker she’s encouraged and challenged audiences across the country and around the world. Her numerous books reflect her passion to help others develop the strength of their God-given gifts and apply them to their lives. Connect with her on her website, through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


  1. Thanks for that beautiful prayer, Edie. It resonated with me today.

    1. Roberta, I'm so glad used this post to bless you today!

  2. Wow, Edie, this was such a gift to your fellow writers. Thank you for such a clear picture of what God has called us to do.

  3. Thank you again, Edie, for going right to the heart of the matter. Wisdom pushing so deep into my heart. And the prayer, again, just what I needed today, on so many fronts. Thank you.

    1. Elisabeth, thank you for stopping by and encouraging me! Blessings, E

  4. Excellent analogy! Thank you for reminding us that we are ambassadors for Christ!

  5. Yes! We're called to be "ambassadors" for our King! I knew a sweet lady who would introduce herself as such while serving as a missionary in Japan. (See the story here... Another thing about ambassadors--they are careful with their etiquette, serving with politeness and respect for others they meet, as good representatives for their home country. You've listed a lot of good reminders for us as writers, to be bold but kind, unafraid and encouraging! Thanks!