Monday, November 8, 2021

3 Questions Speakers Should Ask Before Signing a Contract

by Yvonne Ortega @YvonneOrtega1

Ask the right questions before you say yes to a live event. Ask the Holy Spirit to guide you in acceptance or rejection of the opportunity after you've asked enough questions.

3 Questions to Ask
First, ask for a contract and ask the right questions before you say yes to that contract. 

Ask for the time limit and whether the organization can technically manage your PowerPoint presentation. Will the organization post your handout via email and what is their deadline to turn it in? If you will receive payment, ask for a deposit of 50 percent at the time of signing the contract. 

At the last minute, you may receive an email that the organization doesn’t need you. No explanation and no reimbursement are given. Another scenario is that the organization cancels the event. If you’d bought more expensive flight insurance, you would have been covered. You never expected Christians to do this, but they did.

Second, ask about the location of the event and transportation. 

Is the location close enough that you can drive to it? Will the organization cover gas mileage for you? With the high cost of gas, consider whether you have peace about the opportunity.

Perhaps the organization will cover your flight. If not, maybe they will gift you with miles. In the latter case, check with the airlines to find out what happens if your flight is cancelled. Will they honor those gifted frequent flyer miles, or will you be on your own?

With the escalating cost of flights and the increasing restrictions in airports and aboard the plane, weigh the costs against the opportunity and trust God for guidance.

If you need to reschedule a connecting flight, how soon will you depart? Will you have access to your luggage you already checked? Maybe you’ll have to spend the night in the airport. Your other option is to pay for a hotel room and meals until you can leave. After a flight cancellation, one speaker rented a car and drove to the event. Is that car rental within your budget? How many hours are you able to drive?

Third, will the organization allow you to display and sell your books?

If the organization agrees to do so, ask if the display table will be in the same room or near the entrance for people to see as they go in and out the door? One speaker lost money because they put his book table in another building during the winter. Once inside, attendees didn’t want to walk outside in snow and ice.

When you drive to an event, you take as many books as you want and don’t worry about the additional cost of shipping and handling them. If you fly to your live presentation and ship your books, they could arrive on time, late, or not at all. A speaker lost a $1,000 shipment of books. A second one received a box of damaged books.

Ask about the cost of insurance to cover your books. Before you purchase insurance, find out what happens if the books arrive late, damaged, or not at all. Ask the Holy Spirit to guide you in your final decision and listen to him. 

If you decide to accept the paid invitation, let me know how your event goes.


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