Monday, October 4, 2021

5 Reasons to Join Author Street Teams

by Kristen Hogrefe Parnell @khogrefeparnell

As writers, we often fill the free space in our calendars with writing deadlines, learning opportunities, and platform work. Might I add one more item to that list? Apply to participate in another author’s street team or book launch team. 

Why should you join one, aside from the pure enjoyment of being an advance reader? 

Consider these reasons. 

#1: Encourage another author.
Recently, Joshua J. Masters encouraged us authors to view our street teams as ministry opportunities. If you missed the post, I hope you’ll go back and read more about this perspective

The flip side is that participating readers also have a chance to minister back to the author. I would challenge street team members to focus less on “what’s in it for me” and more on “how can I encourage this author?” 

If you’re an author, you know how priceless a positive review is or how just one short email from a reader can brighten your day. Street team members have several opportunities to bless an author and promote the project’s success, including:
  • Marking the book as “want to read” on Goodreads
  • Adding a review to Goodreads as soon as the book appears on the site
  • Participating in the cover reveal
  • Sharing about the book on social media 
  • Requesting the book at your local library
  • Posting reviews on Amazon and other bookseller websites on release day
You may even be able to connect book clubs or other groups to the book, blessing the author in unexpected ways.

#2: Meet other like-minded readers.
A perk of joining a launch team is getting to know and engaging with fellow team members who enjoy the same types of books you do. While some street team members will be authors, many are readers who are passionate about the author or the project. 

As we authors know, networking is huge in this industry. Launch teams provide an opportunity for you to meet other likeminded readers and authors. You can then connect with them on social media and help share and like each other’s posts about the upcoming release. 

You never know where these connections will lead.

#3: Promote within your genre.
You might think that promoting other authors who write in your genre will detract from your own readership, but more than likely, you’ll discover the opposite is true. For example, let’s say you find a new author on Instagram and you don’t know anything about her project. However, that author has posted about several authors in her genre that you do recognize. If you enjoyed those books, you might check out the new author’s book by virtue of association.

The same is true for your writing. When you help your readers find other authors who might interest them, you also help new readers get a better feel for your own books when you share about related books. Joining a launch team is one way to help promote those authors and projects you personally endorse, and in the process, help cement your own brand. 

#4: Discover ideas you might use (or not use) for your future street team.
As a writer, you can learn so much from other authors and their book launch efforts. Maybe you really like the way the author conducts his book reveal. Start a file with examples that stood out to you. You’ll have to adjust your approach because every book is different, but you may discover some “templates” that will work well for you.

The opposite is also true. Maybe you’re on a street team and are starting to feel overwhelmed by long emails from the author with so many action items that you can’t keep track of them. Take note! When you organize your own street team, avoid the long emails or complicated action steps that made you feel weary. By understanding how a street team member feels, you can better organize your own team one day.

#5: Have fun!
This reason is a given. Participating in launch teams gives you a chance to better connect with the author, the book, and sometimes even snag some fun book swag. 

Are there any drawbacks? Aside from the time commitment, I can think of just one: If the book is the first in a planned series, you will have to wait extra-long for the sequel—unless you apply for its street team as well.

Have you participated in street teams before? What was your favorite part?


Kristen Hogrefe Parnell writes novels, learns something new every day, and runs for pizza. An educator and mentor, she teaches English online and is an inspirational speaker for schools, churches, and podcasts. Her young adult dystopian novels, The Revisionary and The Reactionary, both won the Selah for speculative fiction, and she signed with Mountain Brook Ink for a new romantic suspense series, coming December 2022. Kristen and her husband live in Florida and enjoy sharing their lake home with family and friends. She blogs at where she challenges readers to find faith in life’s everyday adventures.


  1. I just participated in my first launch team and loved being part of the group, especially connecting with new reader/writer friends. It's exciting but also humbling to know that something we post on behalf of a friend might help get their book into the hands of someone who needs it.

  2. Thanks for sharing, Leigh! I'm so glad you enjoyed being part of your first launch team, and you're absolutely right: we can make a difference.

  3. I'm just starting involvement on my first launch team. I'm excited and honored to be asked, but it is a learning experience for me. Your blog this morning is very useful and helpful. I am printing it so I have easy access to it. Thank you for writing and sharing it with all of us. My best to you.

    1. Hi Diane, I'm glad to hear you have the opportunity to be part of one and that this post was helpful. You are so welcome! Blessings to you.