Monday, September 13, 2021

How to Keep Technology from Interfering with Your Writing & Speaking Life

by Yvonne Ortega @YvonneOrtega1

As writers who speak, our reliance on technology increases. However, we need to use computers and related equipment with wisdom. Let’s look at two areas where our use of technology may require changes.

Our workstation may need a change. 

My friend found a creative solution for her workstation. She placed a large book under her computer and two large ones under her feet. That way she doesn’t look down, and her feet don’t dangle. 

I prefer not to place my shoes or feet on books. You may feel the same way. Furthermore, I don’t stay in one room because of excessive sunlight from the windows or storms with either lightning or hailstones. I use yoga blocks under my feet. They are lightweight, durable and available online or in a yoga store. 

If we travel, we may not be able to carry large books with us or have access to someone else’s at our destination. In that case, yoga blocks would work. 

Our bodies may need attention. 

Painful arthritis or stiffness can be in our neck, shoulders, back, hip, or knees. If we choose to do so, we can attend a virtual event daily. We will save money on travel, meals, and lodging, and the recordings from some events will be available for several months or a year. 

Yet, without balance in attendance at those virtual events, we lack the time to listen to the recordings, take notes, alternate between sitting and standing, and exercise because of arthritis.

I searched for a lightweight adjustable tabletop or desk to move from room to room or travel with. 

Not one to give up, I discovered a solution online that may work for you, too. The Moft-Z is “a foldable 5-in-1 sit-stand laptop desk.” It’s 9.4 x 11 x 0.5 inches. The Moft-Z weighs a little over two pounds, comes in different colors, and holds up to eighteen pounds. 

Because the Moft-Z is lightweight, you and I can pick it up and move it anywhere at home. We can also fold it and slip it in a tote bag or an office on wheels.

Bottom Line

If our use of technology interferes with our health, we benefit when we make changes in our workstation or body position.


Yvonne Ortega walks with a small footprint but leaves a giant imprint in people’s lives. This power-packed package is a professional speaker and the author of the Moving from Broken to Beautiful® Series through cancer, divorce, forgiveness, and loss. Learn more at WWW.YVONNEORTEGA.COM

Yvonne speaks with honesty and humor as she shares her life and struggles through presentations that empower women to find peace, power, and purpose through God’s Word. 

Yvonne’s background as a licensed professional counselor brings a unique perspective into the heart of women. She’s a speaking and writing coach and the owner of Moving from Broken to Beautiful®, LLC. She belongs to the Advanced Writers and Speakers Association, the Christian Authors Network, the National Speakers Association, and Toastmasters International.

She celebrates life at the beach, where she walks, builds sand castles, blows bubbles, and dances.


  1. I love your website—can’t wait to meet you at the Series Writer’s Intensive.

    1. Sandra Kay Chambers, thank you for your kind words about my website. I look forward to meeting you in person, too.

  2. These tips are wonderful, Yvonne! Thank you for sharing them. Years ago I had back pain from sitting at my computer too long. Now I alternate between sitting and standing and it has made a big difference. I also go for an hour walk at least 5 times a week. We writers need to move!

    1. Crystal Bowman, you're welcome. Yes, we writers need to move! Congratulations on your exercise and alternating between sitting and standing. That takes a lot of disciple. You go, girl.

    2. Crystal Bowman and others, the word my fingers typed was discipline. Sadly, I often type faster than the laptop feeds in the letters. Preview is important.

  3. Thank you Yvonne. As a person who deals with arthritis of the neck and spine, I appreciate ideas that help. Have a blessed week! :-)

  4. Melissa Henderson, you're welcome. I'm sorry you deal with arthritis of the neck and spine. Continue to move and stretch. You have a blessed week, too!

  5. This is great information, Yvonne. I also have a light-weight adjustable laptop stand. I can use it to stand up and work, or adjust it over my lap while I'm in my comfy recliner.

    1. Thank you, Kay DiBianca. I'm glad you have a light-weight adjustable laptop stand. It helps to take care of ourselves.

  6. Great suggestions for us all to stay healthy while we write. Thank you!