Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Find Writing Peace

by Katy Kauffman @KatyKauffman28

Why can’t I fall asleep on the nights when I need sleep the most? Lightning flashed through the closed curtains, and thunder cracked right outside my window. I pulled my curtains open to watch the light show, and then quickly shut them so I wouldn’t go blind. God, please protect us, I prayed, and then lay down to rest. I am grateful for the heavenly Sentry who stands watch through the thunderstorms of life. God never sleeps (Psalm 4:8, 121:4), and I know I can count on Him to be alert and at work when writing exhaustion overtakes me. Or when I am scared and need relief. 

Another sentry stands guard through storms of fear and unrest. The truth of God’s Word is always on active duty, standing as a faithful witness of the character of God and as a refuge against a torrential downpour of worry and fear. Truth guards our hearts and minds from anxiety when we read Scripture and count on God’s promises and His presence with us (Psalm 94:19). Truth reminds us that God is bigger than any threat (Psalm 37:20, 55:18, 91:4-6), that He can work all things for good (Romans 8:28), and that He always does what is good toward His children (Jeremiah 32:40). Truth is a faithful friend that restores our peace, as long as we place more value on the truth than our fears and commit ourselves to what we know of God and His power. 

Each Writer, a Sentry
God has planted sentries throughout the world, and you’re one of them. So am I. As God and His Word show us what we can count on in fearful times, we writers have the awesome privilege of keeping watch over the events of our times and sharing the truth that we know. It can come in the form of a written word or a spoken one, but it lives on, wide awake, never sleeping—standing guard in our social media posts, pointing people to God as a faithful witness on our blogs, or trumpeting His great goodness in our articles and books. Truth doesn’t sleep even when we have to. Or try to. 

Is COVID-19 distracting you from your writing? We don’t have to write without any fear or concern present. But we know who controls the outcome of all things and what a great heart of love He has. We may not understand why all of this is happening (and it’s been happening for a long time). But we can count on this—God can see what we can’t, all of the good being worked through sickness and sorrow and seclusion. We have examples in Scripture of how He worked good out of tragedy for the people in Bible times, and we have our own testimonies of how He has been there for us. Who needs to hear that right now—read that right now—and find hope? 

Don’t Stop Writing
With the world still standing guard against this unseen threat and with many countries’ borders still closed, let’s be faithful sentries watching over people’s well-being. Let’s be mindful of not only their physical condition but their spiritual vitality. God never wastes a trial. He is so faithful to be there for us and help us. If someone turns to Him because of this pandemic, heaven will rejoice and God’s family will grow stronger. 

So keep writing, dear writer. Truth is always alert, and He doesn’t sleep.

What are some truths from Scripture that restore peace to your heart during this COVID-19 crisis? Take those truths and write about them (or keep writing about them) in a blog post, social media post, or story. Take the opportunity in these days to stand as a sentry and point people to the Source of everlasting hope and peace. In the comments below, share a verse that restores your peace. 

If your own peace and joy need to be renewed, download Lighthouse Bible Studies’ free, online magazine: Refresh Bible Study Magazine: Strategies of Joy and Peace. In our summer issue, sixteen authors share stories, Scriptures, and strategies for holding onto joy and peace or renewing it. May God strengthen your heart always and use your writing to do so much good in this world.


Katy Kauffman is an award-winning author, an editor of REFRESH BIBLE STUDY MAGAZINE, and a co-founder of LIGHTHOUSE BIBLE STUDIES. She loves connecting with writers and working alongside them in compilations, such as Feed Your Soul with the Word of God, Collection 1 which is a 2020 Selah Awards finalist.

In addition to online magazines, Katy’s writing can be found at CBN.COM,, and three blogs on writing. She loves to spend time with family and friends, talk about art and crafts in her group MY ARTSY TRIBE, and tend the garden in the morning sun. She makes her home in a cozy suburb of Atlanta, Georgia. Connect with her at her blog, WINNING THE VICTORY, and on FACEBOOK and TWITTER.


  1. What a great idea, thinking as sentries. We have an awesome job and responsibility to readers. Hearing from readers of my blog that have read something I posted last year exemplifies the lasting character of our words. Thank you for this!

    Isaiah 41:10 is where I go to find comfort and peace.

    1. Thank you for sharing these things. God can make what we write last. He writes His Word on our hearts. I love Isaiah 41:10.

  2. Great article and full of God’s Truth! Thanks

  3. Katy, thank you for your inspiration and encouragement. :-)

  4. Thanks for the encouragement in this post. Just the thing I needed today!

    1. I'm so glad to hear that. Thank you for commenting, writer friend!

  5. Thank you, Katy, for this encouraging post that we are sentries!