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Excellence in Marketing Awards for Authors Open Aug. 1-31, 2021

By Angela Breidenbach 

The Christian Authors Network is delighted to announce the Excellence in Marketing Awards. Formerly known as the CAN Crown Awards, the name change better represents the purpose of this special, one-of-a-kind contest to recognize, educate, and encourage excellence in marketing and promotion skills of all Christian authors.

One area Christian authors struggle with in the publishing world is figuring out what to do with marketing? Think about marketing as engaging, shareable, effective communication about your book, book series, or brand to readers, retailers, and/or librarians. How else would people find the book you struggled over for months to years? Don’t hide your light under a bushel! Shine light on that beautiful work of art through some simple marketing techniques.


Each book, book series, and brand are unique. Then how do you know what to do in marketing? Won’t you get lost in all the complicated, craziness? Ah, but there are some standard ways to start sharing about your books and brand with unique words that come straight from the creative heart. So let’s start with one or two of the items on the below list. Once you’re familiar and comfortable, add more. Never do everything all at once. That is crazy-making.


Try these tips:

First, make a simple checklist or spreadsheet. Then work the list. Those two things will really help simplify and organize your marketing. As you do more, add columns for dates, contact names of media, event places, speaking topics, or whatever you decide will help you manage your new marketing campaign. Remember, all your marketing is how you can share the heart and light of your work. 


Where do you start? Pick one from the list below. Get good at it and make it a habit in your schedule. Now pick another and do the same. One by one, add to your campaign. 

  • Website: WordPress, Blogger, Wix, etc. Websites cannot be a static landing page nowadays, though a specialized landing page can be part of the media strategy in the campaign.
  • Newsletters: Regular articles of interest or a special series surrounding your book can cement newsletter followers.
  • Blogs: Blogs built into an author’s website can focus on brand while featuring special elements of your research, characters, problem-solving, recipes, and creative ideas from or about your book. 
  • Social Media: Real interaction with real people matters on social media. People buy books, not viral memes. A viral meme is simply a piece of luck. Be entertaining, engaging, encouraging…be real and involved.
  • Physical media: Postcards, posters, flyers, bookmarks, swag can be excellent support for your marketing campaign. Please be sure the images submitted are not blurry or pixelated. Wow your readers, retailers, and librarians with well done pieces.
  • Broadcast: Podcast/vlogcast, Facebook Live, Instagram TV, talk radio, iHeartRadio, YouTube, Vimeo, or any type of video/audio that helps get your message seen matters. Some authors have been able to build private groups that have a paying audience while others offer daily, weekly, or specially scheduled events. Your audience wants to see and hear you talk about your creative project, especially if you’re helping them. Help can be anything from planning relaxation, entertainment, or a date night to teaching skills, crafts, or sharing solutions to problems.
  • Other: Book tours still happen, but signings are less successful unless you’re giving a seminar or keynote. In other words, be sure there’s a reason for people to show up other than to get a piece of chocolate and a book they didn’t know existed.
  • Additional options: Authors can use technology as well as any business. Consider having an app for smartphones and tablets if you have enough content.

Now that you’ve created a campaign, come on over to the Christian Authors Network and join our Excellence in Marketing Awards!


Who can enter: Traditional and independent Christian authors are welcome to enter the CAN Marketing Excellence Awards with any book-length Christian fiction or nonfiction marketing campaign. The book itself is not judged, getting the word out about that Christian book is the contest goal. 


Follow #CANMarketingAward on social media

Contest opens: 01 Aug 2021

Last day of entry: 31 August 2021

Finalists announced in advance of the awards event.

Final Excellence in Marketing Awards presented in November 2021


Where do you find the Excellence in Marketing Awards?

We look forward to seeing your marketing creativity!


Excellence in Marketing Awards for Authors Open Aug. 1-31, 2021 - @AngBreidenbach on @EdieMelson (Click to Tweet)


Angela Breidenbach is a professional genealogist, media personality, bestselling author, and screenwriter. She's the president of the Christian Authors Network and the awards director. She loves teaching about the publishing industry and marketing. Angie lives in Montana with her hubby and Muse, a trained fe-lion, who shakes hands, rolls over, and jumps through a hoop. Surprisingly, Angie can also. Don’t miss her new show, Genealogy Publishing Coach launching this August with a grand opening along with a 5-book series, Queen of the Rockies, set during Montana's birth as a state!


Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Pinterest/MeWe: @AngBreidenbach



New 5-book genealogical fiction series coming in August 2021: 

Queen of the Rockies 

Book 1 Releases in August, Queen of the Rockies.

Book 2 Releases in September, Song of the Rockies

Book 3 Releases in October, Heart of the Rockies

Book 4 Releases in November, Flower of the Rockies

Book 5 Releases in December, Bride of the Rockies

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