Monday, May 10, 2021

Speaking Tips from Keynote Speakers at the Speak Up Conference 2021

by Yvonne Ortega @YvonneOrtega1

The Annual Speak Up Conference will be virtual again in 2021. The Speak Up Conference runs July 14-16, 2021 and includes a pre-conference day on Tuesday, July 13, 2021. Several speakers will facilitate breakout sessions, take appointments, and host virtual meals. Only the keynote speakers are highlighted here. 

Carol Kent 
Carol Kent is a bestselling author and international speaker, founder and executive director of the Speak Up Conference, a ministry committed to helping Christians develop their speaking, writing, and leadership skills. With vulnerable openness, irrepressible hope, restored joy, and a sense of humor, she directs you to choices based on God’s truth.

She and her husband Gene founded the non-profit organization Speak Up for Hope, which benefits inmates and their families.

Her message: “When God writes your story, you will be in for the adventure of a lifetime! You want your audience to pay attention to your message whether you speak to a crowd of thousands or a small group of ten.” And step by step, she will show you how.

Michelle McKinney Hammond 
Michelle McKinney Hammond is the President of MMH Ministries and the best-selling author of over 40 books, selling over 2 million copies worldwide. She’s also an actress, a popular international speaker, vocalist, relationship expert, and lifestyle coach. She will be the opening keynote speaker at the SpeakUp Conference 2021.

Her message: “More than ever before we must be able to ‘speak the truth in love’ in a way that is compelling, uncompromising, yet engaging. Knowing the heart of the message you’ve been assigned to deliver is foundational to sharing with honesty and clarity a word that will challenge, provoke, inspire and empower your audience to embrace the truth of God’s Word and effect transformation.”

Bruce Martin
Bruce Martin is the founder and president of Invest Your Life Ministries, a gospel-centered speaking, writing, coaching and counseling ministry that helps people figure out their life mission and invest their life in the things that matter most to God.

His message: “Our world is more divided than ever before, and the church is not immune to the divisions. In an increasingly polarizing environment, how do Christian writers and speakers live out the prayer of Christ in John 17 ‘… that they would be one as the Father and I are one.’ It’s possible, but we’ll have to go against the current trend of reacting immediately and learn how to respond appropriately. In this keynote, [he] will unpack 5 specific ways to this.”

Stephanie Rousselle
Stephanie Rousselle is the founder of Gospel Spice Ministries and the host of the Gospel Spice Podcast. Her motto is, “God’s glory, our delight!”

With her trademark French accent, she has been teaching Scripture to thousands over the last 20 years in France, the UK, Africa, and the US, and now to thousands more on six continents through her podcast. Stephanie thrives on Bible-centered inspirational writing and speaking, and dark chocolate. She loves few things more than a good laugh, especially at herself, because grace is real, and life is short.

Her message: “God’s glory, our delight” is Stephanie’s motto and the beating heart of Gospel Spice Ministries, rooted in her personal encounter with God as a French teenage atheist.

Christian writers and speakers face the daily challenge to ascribe glory where it belongs, and to delight in the process. What can we learn from Jesus to make His glory our true North and lifelong quest? How do we spice up our words to present them as a daily offering of delight to the glory of God?

God sprinkles our stories with a dash of spice—and inimitable flair. Through her personal testimony and ever-growing devotion to Christ, Stephanie humbly invites you to delight in God’s glory today and every day.

Megan B. Brown 
Megan B. Brown is a Moody Bible Institute graduate. She earned a Bachelor of Science in Ministry Leadership with a focus in Women’s Ministry and Theology. She plans to return to Moody Theological Seminary to pursue a Master of Divinity. Her new Bible study, Summoned: Answering a Call to the Impossible with Moody Publishers, will be released on May 4, 2021.

She is a discipleship mentor for military spouses. 

Her message: She equips women to share the hope that they have in Christ Jesus. By modeling her formula for glorifying God in any lifestyle, military or otherwise, she teaches women the foundations of connection, community, and commissioning to share the gospel.

In her presentation of the story of Esther, Megan offers the audience a look at who God is and shadows of the Savior. Her story shows us the gospel. In her breakout session, participants will learn the essential components of the gospel, how to connect the gospel to their message, and methods of sharing the gospel in their writing, teaching, and speaking. 

You’ll have the opportunity to make appointments with speakers, authors, editors, agents, publishers, podcasters, and coaches. The prayer room will again be part of the conference. 

You can register here at Speak Up Conference 2021 


Yvonne Ortega walks with a small footprint but leaves a giant imprint in people’s lives. This power-packed package is a professional speaker and the author of the Moving from Broken to Beautiful® Series through cancer, divorce, forgiveness, and loss. Learn more at

Yvonne speaks with honesty and humor as she shares her life and struggles through presentations that empower women to find peace, power, and purpose through God’s Word. 

Yvonne’s background as a licensed professional counselor brings a unique perspective into the heart of women. She’s a speaking and writing coach and the owner of Moving from Broken to Beautiful®, LLC. She belongs to the Advanced Writers and Speakers Association, the Christian Authors Network, the National Speakers Association, and Toastmasters International.

She celebrates life at the beach, where she walks, builds sand castles, blows bubbles, and dances.


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