Saturday, March 13, 2021

Choosing to Strengthen Your Writing Dream with Prayer

by Beth K. Vogt @BethVogt

My friend Fran visited Colorado Springs the other day and we met for breakfast. 

Fran has also always supported my writing dreams, even back when I was the tired mom of little kids. My dream was nothing more than me saying, “I’m going to get back to writing again one day.”

Fran and I have known each other for 36 years. Our friendship spans the decades we were both military spouses, raising our kiddos while adjusting to moves across country—and sometimes around the world. 

Fran’s the kind of friend who will drive you to the ER because your doctor-husband is already tending to patients there. She’ll walk beside you into the hospital while holding a bucket because yes, you’re that sick.

Fran never laughed at that I-hope-it-happens-one-day dream. 

And when I finally made the time to write again, Fran cheered me on. But even more important than her encouragement, Fran prayed for me. 

She prayed for me while I wrote manuscripts. When I attended writers conferences and pitched magazine articles and book ideas. When I stared down deadlines. When I transitioned from nonfiction to fiction. 

When the writing life is good and yes, when the writing life is disappointing, Fran prays for me. 

Understand this: Fran is not a writer. Pursuing publication is not her dream – but she prays for me.

Who undergirds your writing dream with prayer? 

If a name comes to mind, then you have reason to be grateful. A dream supported by the prayers of others is all the more sacred. 

If you can’t think of anyone besides yourself praying over your writing, then it’s time to enlist some spiritual ground support.

Finding Prayer Support
1. Make a list of family members and friends you could ask to pray for you. Some will say yes, some will say no. That’s okay. Ask God to bring the right person or persons to pray for you. 

2. Make a list of two to four prayer requests. Focus on a manuscript you’re writing. An upcoming deadline or conference. Finding an agent or editor. Launching your indie career. You know what your greatest needs are.

3. Update your prayer partners every four to six weeks. When you connect, share honestly about how things are going. Express gratitude for their support – and when God brings them to mind, pray for them too. 


Beth K. Vogt believes God’s best often waits behind the doors marked “Never.” Having authored nine contemporary romance novels and novellas, The Best We’ve Been, the final book in Beth’s Thatcher Sisters Series with Tyndale House Publishers, releasers May 2020. Other books in the women’s fiction series include Things I Never Told You, which won the 2019 AWSA Award for Contemporary Novel of the Year, and Moments We Forget. Beth is a 2016 Christy Award winner, a 2016 ACFW Carol Award winner, and a 2015 RITA® finalist. An established magazine writer and former editor of the leadership magazine for MOPS International, Beth blogs for Learn How to Write a Novel and The Write Conversation and also enjoys speaking to writers group and mentoring other writers. Visit Beth at


  1. I "met" my prayer warrior after I had my first book published. I met her online and have never seen her face-to-face, but she prays faithfully for me every day.

    1. Ane: I love this story! You've put a smile on my face today.

  2. Hi Beth, altough I for many, it has never occurred to ask someone pray for me regularly. Interesting idea to ponder. Thanks :)

  3. Good morning, I do hope you discover someone to pray for your writing. Have a wonderful day!

  4. Great article, Beth. There are so many wonderful individuals our there who will pray for a request. All we have to do is ask for their prayers. I found so many helpful to me. Thanks for sharing your post. Truly enjoyed it and learned, again.

  5. Not long after I started writing at the end of 2018, I started a personal prayer team for my writing and have about 15 people on the team. They don't pray for me daily, but I email them when I need specific prayer.

  6. I have developed the habit of praying for everyone I encounter, every day. I can crawl up in my Abba daddy's lap, and like a little child does, say, "Daddy, these are all my friends I want You to be with and help. I don't know what they need, but You do. So please bless and be with Deena and Beth and Diane and David and Lois and Mimi and Susan........" and on and on and on until I'm done. Every day. It's how God let's me share in what He is doing. So yes, I pray for everyone!