Tuesday, June 2, 2020

To Market to Market to Sell A Fat Book

by PeggySue Wells @PeggySueWells

“I sat around for six months after book publication waiting on my publisher to do more. I assumed they would. They didn’t,” said Jennifer Maggio, author of Overwhelmed. “I learned that all of my book’s success rests on my shoulders and I better get busy doing something. Something is always better than nothing.”

In a day when book sales are predominantly the author’s responsibility, what are authors doing to market their titles?

“Our grandparents purchased what they needed to live from the people they trusted,” said Christy award-winner DiAnn Mills. “Readers want a relationship with the author before buying. First care about the reader, and that manifests in social media.”

DiAnn has a website and facebook fan page. Each Monday, she posts an interactive comment or question.

Do not expect your family and friends to buy your book. Because they are family and friends, they expect you to give them a copy. Autographed.

Authors agreed on these three steps:
  1. Begin marketing immediately. Do not wait for your book to be on bookshelves. It may never get there. 
  2. Don’t be shy. Ask everyone to help support you including friends, family, church members, co-workers, the guy in the grocery store.
  3. Develop a social media campaign.
  4. Be passionate.

“Don’t market to other authors,” said Linda Goldfarb, author of the Linked personality series. “They are not your audience. Market to the readers who needs what’s in your book.”  

“I am part of every site I can find,” Jennifer said. “Why not? Develop a profile, put out key information and a bio, and link to your other sites. I have various support from fans in social media venues that I may never have met otherwise. Profile development on various sites is time-consuming, but it helps sell books.”

Jennifer has authored a half dozen books. “There were times when the books were not selling, and I was certain I should just go back into a corporate job. But, deep within, I knew that my story, all of the hurt from my past, was destined to inspire others. My sole purpose is to bring others redemptive hope and that motivates me. I believe that passion is what has made me successful.”


Tropical island votary and history buff, PeggySue Wells parasails, skydives, snorkels, scuba dives, and has taken (but not passed) pilot training. Writing from the 100-Acre wood in Indiana, Wells is the bestselling author of twenty-eight books including The Slave Across the Street, Slavery in the Land of the Free, Bonding With Your Child Through Boundaries, Homeless for the Holidays, and Chasing Sunrise. Optimistic dream-driver, PeggySue is named for the Buddy Holly song with the great drumbeat. At school author visits, she teaches students the secrets to writing, and speaks at events and conferences. Connect with her at www.PeggySueWells.com, on Facebook at PeggySue Wells, and Twitter @PeggySueWells. 


  1. Great wisdom in this post. I also make sure I attend writing conferences, whether online or in person. I exchange business cards and keep in contact with people. :-)

    1. Melissa, you are always growing in your craft, and it shows!