Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Pandemic Writing Opportunities

by Linda Gilden @LindaGilden

Many people are a bit frustrated about having to stay at home during the pandemic. They are suffering from loss of income, socialization withdrawal, and not happy that others are deciding whether or not they can go to the store.

But as a writer, I feel like I have been given permission to stay home and do what I love. No one is asking me out to lunch and I can’t go out to interview a source for an article. So I can just stay home and write articles. For the last few weeks of the sheltering-at-home time, I have had more article assignments than I have in a long time.

“How is that possible?” you ask.

If you are at home and looking for work, don’t just look at all the obvious places. Be creative and you will be able to stay busy while you are at home. And if you have never written articles, now is a good time to start.

6 Writing Opportunities During the Pandemic
  • 1. Reconnect with publications you have worked with before. Most of the staff is working from home and able to respond quickly. Contact the editor and let him or her know that you have some time in your writing calendar and would be glad to do an article on assignment. If you have a good idea for an article for that publication, pitch it to them at that time.
  • 2. Visit job boards. Many writer websites have job boards for writers and post writing jobs several days each week. Use your computer to search for writing jobs and assignments. Visit LinkedIn and see what you can find there. Craigslist also posts writing jobs occasionally.
  • 3. Contact blogs you read regularly to find out if they use guest bloggers. Look at blogs on your topic of interest and contact them to find out if you could write for them. Quite a few blogs even pay their guest bloggers.
  • 4. Much of the news for the last few months has been about the corona virus. Pitch a topic that will help people ease back into their normal schedules safely. 
  • 5. Did you learn something new during your days of sheltering-at-home that you are going to be able to use from now on. Write a how to use this new skill in the future.
  • 6. Do you have a book? Write an article that will expand the reach of your book. Put a note about your article on Facebook. Lots of people are reading who don’t usually have time!
In just the time it took for me to write this blog, I received two lists of writing opportunities and one blog request in my inbox. I didn’t even have to go look for those. But had I not received them, I would have visited some of the sights above.

What are you writing today? Are you staring at your computer waiting for inspiration? Don’t waste any more time. Reach out to magazines, blogs, and publishers. You have a lot to offer. Don’t wait until they come looking for you!


Linda Gilden is an award-winning writer, speaker, editor, certified writing and speaking coach, and personality consultant. Linda is the author of 19 books and over 1000 magazine articles. She enjoys every meeting with editors and knowing we are all part of the same team. Linda’s favorite activity (other than eating folded potato chips) is floating in a pool with a good book surrounded by splashing grandchildren—a great source of writing material!


  1. I love how God works Ms. Linda. While most folks have more time to write articles, devotionals, manuscripts of any kind, and to dive deeply into God's word, I'm going in the opposite direction as a result of this pandemic. :-) Great tips as always ma'am. God always brings us opportunities to serve Him and His kingdom. Well said ma'am.

  2. Really good advice, Linda! And it applies to those who are speakers/consultants/coaches. Now is a perfect time to reconnect with your past clients and fans and see what they need right now. And now is the perfect time to consider your next book for sure!

  3. I have been writing more than ever. From stories to my personal blog to guest blog posts to articles and more, I am busy writing everyday. :-)

  4. Thanks Linda. Such good advice.

  5. Thank you for the positive comments. This is a good time for writers. Make the best use use of it and establish some new markets that will last beyond the pandemic. Keep us posted on your progress. Happy writing to everyone.