Friday, April 17, 2020

Three Valuable Book Launch Lessons During a Pandemic

Edie here. Today I'm so thrilled to be able to introduce you to Lauren Crews. Several years ago I met Lauren at the Florida Christian Writers conference when she showed me the manuscript she was working on. I was immediately taken with her biblical insight and outstanding writing skills. Now that manuscript is a book and I couldn't be more excited to share Lauren and The Strength of a Woman with you. Be sure to give her a warm TWC welcome!

Three Valuable Book Launch Lessons During a Pandemic
by Lauren Crews @LaurenCrewsA2Z

March roared in like a lion in my life. I finally held my long-awaited book, and book signings were lining up nicely. I even had a few in other states. Speaking engagements and conferences were noted on the calendar, and my launch team was in place. But instead of going out like a lamb, March hit the pause button, the world fell into chaos, and my book became a weight of anxiety instead of something to be celebrated. In the process, I learned three valuable lessons while launching my book during a pandemic.  

3 Book Launch Lessons Learned During a Pandemic
1. The Lord Directs My Steps
During the initial stages of the world's shut down, I held on to hope that a few of my engagements would stick. As the last few canceled a verse began playing through my mind. Proverbs 16:8b "...The mind of the man plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps." I may have made great plans, even God-pleasing, but ultimately, I was reminded that this is His project, and He makes the final plans. As you sit down to plan your launch, it is essential to remember why you started this journey. As you make your plans, carefully consider if you are running ahead of God or lagging. He alone directs our path.

2. Time is a Gift
If I'm honest I procrastinated too much. I thought I could pull together what I needed for a strong launch in a month's time. Even though I work fulltime, in addition to writing, things were falling into place. I received that as confirmation that I must be doing enough. But as my plans were stripped away, and I had to start from scratch, I realized how much work is indeed involved in organizing a robust book launch. God reminded me that writing the book and publishing the book took hard work and a lot of time. What did I think launching it would be any different? 

The day after you submit your final work for publication should be the day you begin your marketing plan. Scour contacts. Look for bloggers, podcasters, possible influencers, and reach out to them well in advance. They, too, have calendars, and they receive a myriad of requests just like yours. I'll warn you; this process is humbling. Being forced to shelter at home provided me with the gift of time, but if you begin early, you will be less likely to wrestle with the anxiety I felt.

3. Necessity Really is the Mother of Invention
The pandemic forced me to begin thinking outside of the box and brainstorm new marketing ideas. After being locked in my home for weeks, I was getting a little punchy. Some of my ideas bordered the ridiculous, but I wrote everything down. After letting them simmer a day or so, remember I had time, I returned to the ideas and began fine-tuning. I became a master of Zoom meetings. I offered the first chapter of my book and hosted book talks with my launch team, Bible study groups, and book groups. Knowing people were just as stir crazy as I, I even offered the first chapter to my Facebook contacts, and did a Facebook live. I encouraged them to submit questions and comments. 

At one point in the publication process, I hoped to offer a devotional coloring book as part of the book bundle, but my publisher wasn't interested. I pulled out the coloring pages and provided them Facebook with a challenge to meditate on the passage my book was about. It gave the online community something more to do while self-isolating and the pages were a teaser for my book. You may not have coloring pages, but consider how your work can meet a variety of needs and market to meet those needs and interests. Can you create a webquest to reveal interesting facts about your book's setting? Did a character have a hobby? Did your book reveal a family recipe? 

I'm still facing the lingering effects of the pandemic pause, but I'm thankful for the silver-lining. My work is more focused on God. My prayer life is more specific and sweeter, and I'm once again enjoying the launch of my new book. I'm curious, what did you learn during your time at home?


You may not feel like the so-called perfect Proverbs 31 woman, but rest assured, you are the Proverbs 31 woman! No perfection required. 

Strength of A Woman will have you celebrating as you understand the blessing God sings over you as a woman. Look at the familiar Proverbs 31 Scripture passage and begin to understand the Jewish teachings and the true meaning of the passage. Through this study of the passage, you will: 
  • Discover the hidden beauty in the imagery of the Hebrew alphabet through word study;
  • Understand the challenges you face now in comparison to those in biblical times;
  • Embrace God's purposes versus societies expectations; and
  • Enjoy insights into a strong woman's day-to-day life.    

Lauren Crews is an award-winning author. She earned her Master of Divinity from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. An experienced leader in women’s ministry, speaker, and Bible studies writer. She is also a full-time schoolteacher and a part-time adjunct professor equipped to break down difficult concepts into easy-to-understand truths. She resides in Jacksonville, FL with her husband and two brown labs who have their humans well trained. 


  1. Lauren, thanks for this strong writing and for sharing the good that came to you during the Pandemic Pause. Lessons galore! Welcome aboard - I look forward to reading your post-pandemic posts.
    Jay Wright; Anderson, SC

  2. Welcome, Lauren! These are wise tips, pandemic or not. Thank you for sharing about your journey. I look forward to reading your book. :) Blessings!

  3. The last couple of months were, indeed, a "bad" time to have a book launch. Or so human wisdom would tell us. My book Combat! Spiritual Lessons from Military History came out just as the pandemic struck. I had all sorts of things lined up to market as I'd never marketed before. And then God's plan changed all of my plans. But, as your first point indicated, God directs our steps and, no matter what our best-laid plans to the contrary, God's timing is always right. I simply must accept it as His will. If He wants to bless the book, He'll bless it, pandemic or no pandemic! Thanks for the encouraging reminder!

  4. Welcome aboard, Lauren! We look forward to hearing more of your valuable tips. Best wishes on the launch of your book.

  5. Welcome Ms. Lauren. Looking most forward to sharing with and learning from you ma'am.

  6. Thank you for the warm welcome. It's an honor to join The Write Conversation.

  7. Great tips, Lauren! Thanks for sharing. And welcome to the team!

  8. I'm looking forward to hosting Lauren for a giveaway on my blog. I'm so glad we can help each other. Thank you Lauren for the encouraging wisdom you share here.