Wednesday, March 11, 2020

7 Benefits of Writing Articles

by Linda Gilden @LindaGilden

As I step back into the writing business after almost a year away, my mind immediately went to my favorite kind of writing—articles. Just in the last couple of weeks, I have written and submitted over half a dozen articles. I am rediscovering the fun of writing for publication.

I am always shocked when I mention writing articles at writers conferences and many say, “I never really thought about writing articles!” Never thought about writing articles?

Really? I cut my writing teeth on articles almost 30 years ago and have loved writing articles ever since. At the time my reason for choosing to write articles was influenced by my three young children who didn’t like to nap. Therefore, my writing time was limited to after bedtime and by that time I was so exhausted that I didn’t have enough energy for more than a few words.

But there are many excellent reasons to write articles other than they are short and you can finish one in a short sitting or during naptime (if you can get your children to take them).

Reasons to Write Articles
  • Articles will help you build your platform. New writers especially need to get their names in print. But even experienced writers can broaden their platforms and expand name recognition by writing articles. 
  • Research that you do for one article can be used to write other articles on the same subject. Just make sure you submit to different publications and, unless submitting as a reprint, your article has a different slant and focus. 
  • Articles reach more people than books. Unless you are a New York Times bestseller, your articles will reach far more people than your books. 
  • Articles are a great way to market your books. Writing articles about the subject of your book or an issue in your book continues to establish you as an expert on that subject and offers the opportunity to include a plug for your book in your bio.
  • Articles will help you hone your craft and learn how to write tightly—to make every word count. 
  • Many authors are able to make more money writing articles than books. When you calculate the time it takes to write articles vs books and look at the amount you are paid for articles, you may find that your article payment is far more than your royalties. That is, unless again, you hit the bestseller list.
  • Articles change lives. You can teach your readers how to do something new, impart new information, inspire others to solve a problem or overcome an obstacle, or point them in a new way to build their faith.

Writing articles, can be beneficial to writers in many different ways. If you have never written articles, perhaps today would be a good day to start. If you need help, you can learn how to write articles later this month at the Carolina Christian Writers Conference.


Linda Gilden has been writing articles for over three decades, or as her children would say, “Since the 1900s!” She is the author of Articles, Articles, Articles! loves helping people learn about the process as an article writing coach.


  1. I totally agree! Great message Linda!

  2. I have loved learning, and continue to learn. from the very best Ms. Linda. Am so very pleased to learn of new submissions with your byline on them. Answered prayers. Lots of prayers for the upcoming CCWC; may God help it to become the best Christian writer's conference yet.

  3. Bought your book at the Taylor University conference a few years ago. It was very helpful, and mirrored the advice my college professor gave several decades ago: write articles to get your name out there.

  4. You've encouraged me to try articles. Thank you.

  5. I'm trying to get into writing articles, so this post was encouraging and motivational!