Saturday, February 22, 2020

Getting More Book Reviews on Amazon

by Cathy Fyock @CathyFyock

On one of our recent Author Mastermind calls with newly published authors, we brainstormed about how to get more reviews on Amazon. Here’s the start to our list.

Write a really, really good book! People are more willing to review your book if they love your book.
After you receive testimonials that go on the inside of the book or on the cover as “advance praise” and after the book is released, send tailored emails to each of your reviewers thanking them for their support, and requesting that they repost their testimonial to Amazon. Include their testimonial and a link to the Amazon review to that they can cut and paste. 

Include a bookmark or postcard in the book thanking the reader for the purchase, and requesting a review on Amazon.

Personally thank your reviewers on social media. You’ll remind others that they will also be rewarded once they post their review. Cut and paste their words in your social media posts (and it may also encourage more book sales).

Be sure to include verbiage within your book driving readers to your opt-in page for a free gift. Once you have the contact information for your readers, request that they write a short review.

For your busy friends, offer to write something if they don’t have time! Send it to them in an email with a link to the Amazon review so it only takes a moment of their time to cut and paste.

When someone tells you how much they love your book, ask them if they would write that up and post in on Amazon. Or, offer to write it for them (see the idea above).

In newsletters and other online communications about your book, include the link to buy your book AND the link to write a review.

Recruit a team of supporters, and send them the book as a pdf to read prior to launch and ask them to write a short review. As soon as the ebook goes live on Amazon, offer it for free, and encourage your team to “buy” it, wait an hour or so, then repost their short review. This way their review will count as a “verified” review. Robbie Samuels used this strategy will his recent launch and got more than 100 verified reviews on the first days of the launch. (Brilliant, Robbie!).

Remember, not everyone will read your book as soon as they buy it (they may save it until their next business trip or weekend), so ongoing reminders will help boost the number of reviewers.

What additional ideas do you have? 


Cathy Fyock is The Business Book Strategist, and works with professionals and thought leaders who want to write a book as a business development strategy. Since starting her business as a book coach in 2014, she has helped more than 160 professionals become published authors. Her most recent book is The Speaker Author: Sell More Books and Book More Speeches. She can be reached at or 502-445-6539.


  1. Great tips to print and keep close by. Thanks, Cathy!

  2. so the idea of doing Free Ebooks and having your launch team buy it then is interesting - and keeps their reviews as verified? This is definitely a good idea for self-pub or small pub books. Of course everything changes in Amazon land eventually. Thank you for the ideas.

  3. Great tips, Cathy. Most readers don't bother to review, so a little encouragement helps.