Sunday, December 1, 2019

I Must Not Allow My Life to Become a Discordant Distraction

by Edie Melson @EdieMelson

I love listening to praise music. It can send my soul soaring as I reconnect with the healing truth that comes only from God. It also anchors that truth in my brain in a way that few other mediums can do. When I hear truth sung, I recall it quicker when a situation arises, even when I don’t feel like singing.

However, a few weeks ago I had a different musical experience. I was listening to a new group live, and they obviously couldn’t hear each other very well. The discordant notes sent zigzags of pain along my auditory nerves. On top of that, the drummer and the lead singer were out of sync just enough to make the song jarring instead of inspiring. The crowd around me begin to shuffle uncomfortably, and I watched the audience disconnect.

I stood there, waiting for the band to recover, God whispered a truth in my soul. This is how My message misses connection when you’re not staying in sync with me.

The thought shook me to the core.

Perhaps this is how the world perceives our Christian message when we’re not following God’s path. Our refusal to let the love of Jesus shine in our lives—in all circumstances—sounds to the world like no more than jarring discordance. Could my disobedience and disharmony with God distract those I’m trying to reach and keep them from hearing the truth of God?

That was a lot to chew on.

By the end of the set, the band had fixed the issues and the songs were amazing. As they got back in sync, the audience once again focused in on the music. The earlier issues were forgotten as we engaged with the soaring harmonies and uplifting notes.

Just like me. There are times when God’s message is marred by my lack of sync with Him. But when I return to His beat, the past is forgotten and the truth shines through.

Beware of letting your life—and what you write—become a discordant distraction - @EdieMelson (Click to Tweet)


  1. A revelation worth remembering. Thank you...

    1. Jennifer, it definitely hit me between the eyes! Blessings, E

  2. While living in Atlanta, we bought season passes to Chastain Park events - a great night out, picnic-style, while listening to your music heroes. At one event, the great sound system gave away the famous group's (lack of) harmonies. Talk about dissonant! By intermission at half of the audience of several thousand had left. During intermission, many of the "more polite" packed up and left. We were among that wave of exiters. I read in the papers the next day about how the audience at the end were a few loyals and, likely, family and friends of the group. We would later hear that at least 2 of the 4 performers were under the influence of some serious drugs. To your point, Edie, when the dissonance is profound and goes on too long, you're down to a few (or the One) who won't leave you. The group was so clearly into their own "comfort and joy" with each other (instead of with the audience) that they couldn't see or hear the truth unfolding before them. Your post was a WONDERFUL reminder of the harmony of the only correct path. Thank you.
    Jay Wright; Anderson, SC

    1. Jay, great insight! Thank you for sharing - Blessings, E

  3. Love this!! Yes, when I return to Him, the past is forgotten. :-)

    1. Melissa, it's so comforting, isn't it? Blessings, E