Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Serious Writers Never Quit—A Book Review for Writers

The past few weeks I've attended several writing conferences and as faculty we were asked—at every event—what books and resources do we find most valuable. 

Although I've been asked this question before, it seems like it's becoming more and more common. As I pondered my answer, I also considered why so many are asking. 

We live in a time of easy access—it's easy to publish a book, start a blog, offer a course, share a podcast. And it's easy to feel like we're drowning  in this avalanche of publishing information. Beyond that, it's hard to tell what good advice and what's not. 

Enter the question . . . and the answer. 

Writes want someone they respect to help them sort through the information—and misinformation—and find what's worth spending time on. 

There are several websites and blogs I recommend regularly—and I'll share them at the end of this post—but today I want to talk about the Positive Writer site. I've followed this site for several years and always get so much value from the information, encouragement and insight in the posts there.

And now, Bryan Hutchinson has a new book for writers: 
Serious Writers Never Quit

This ebook is a quick read, but packed with valuable information. One of my favorite quotes comes early in the book, “It's not all skill. It's not all talent. It's not all luck. Ultimately, it’s what you tell yourself that makes you or breaks you as a writer, as an artist, and as a person.” Bryan Hutchinson

I love the encouragement in this book and the straight talk we all need to hear. There is a sprinkling of profanity, but I still whole-heartedly recommend it.

Now I promised to share the other sites I frequently recommend. This isn't an exhaustive list—but it is a list of some of my favs.

Now it's your turn. I'd love to know what sites you'd add to your must-read-industry blogs. Be sure to leave your comments below. 


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  1. Thanks, Edie! I look forward to visiting Positive Writer (and buying Bryan's book!) A few of my favorites include The Creative Penn, Brian Dixon, and Marion Roach Smith.

    1. I love the Creative Penn, but I hadn't tried the other two! Visiting them now. Thanks so much for sharing! Blessings, E

  2. And here's the reason I subscribe and visit this site daily. Thank you; and God's blessings Ms. Edie.

  3. Looks like a book I need, too. Thanks, Edie!

  4. This site, The Write Conversation, is my favorite site. I look forward to the messages every day. I always learn something new. Thank you Edie!

  5. I visit TWC daily. Thank you for your encouragement and writing tips.

  6. Honestly, THIS is the site that I recommend to everyone! Thank you for all you do! Now I'm heading over to Positive Writer to check it out! ;) Thanks!