Saturday, May 25, 2019

Tips to Help You Develop a Speaker Author One-sheet

by Cathy Fyock @CathyFyock

What’s a one-sheet? It’s generally an 8 ½ x 11 page that details who the Speaker Author is, what topics they speak about, testimonials from consulting and coaching clients, readers, and audiences, and contact information.

You may be thinking, “Aren’t they passé?” Our reply is, “You only need one if you want to speak.”

We’re very serious about one sheets and you should be, too. They are still your primary marketing piece that can be used in a number of ways such as:
  • Mailer or emailer to prospect or client.
  • Follow-up email to prospect.
  • Part of a handout for your presentation
  • Information to have on a product table that people can take home.
  • Left on each attendee seat instead of a handout.
  • A script for when you are selling over the phone.
  • A one-piece marketing piece that can make any agent sound like they know you.

We think they are a great exercise in drilling down on positioning and expertise. Your one sheet can be one-sided or two. Here is the information that should be on the front:
  • Business portrait picture.
  • Positioning statement that describes you and the problems you solve.
  • Speech titles and bullets that explain the take-a-ways. Each should begin with an action word.
  • A picture of the book cover, a short description, and a few testimonials.
  • Testimonials clients, readers, and audience members who have heard and love you.
  • Blurb about your expertise and yourself, although not a long bio.
  • Social media addresses.
  • Contact information.

If you do a second side you may consider:
  • More testimonials.
  • Short blog post.
  • Client list.
  • QR codes (quick response codes) that contain client list, link to videos, etc.

As you fine-tune your book description or summary (by the way, you’ll need this for many purposes, including your book’s profile on Amazon), be sure to include the following:
  • What is your thesis statement?
  • What problem do you solve for your readers?
  • What is unique about your book?
  • What features does your book have (e.g., checklists, questions)?

Your short bio should be in terminology that shows value for the audience member. Some items you’ll want to mention include:
  • What value do you add to your readers/audiences?
  • What problems you do help them solve?
  • Which of your credentials directly speaks to your audience?
  • What about you creates a human connection? For example, do you have hobbies and interests that might help you connect with audiences?

Session descriptions should be catchy and memorable, and should identify the value for the audience. The best titles are either your book title or a variation so that your book will be memorable. Be sure to begin each bulleted point with an action verb: develop, create, explore, identify, discover, learn, use.

If you have all of the above on a one sheet you are golden! Over the years Lois has worked with a couple of speakers bureaus who have told her that one sheets are important to them. They use them as scripts just as she suggests. They expect you to have one! Have it available to email and in a PDF file on your website so it can be downloaded. One sheets make your life easier, and everyone else’s who works with you. 

If you’d like to see a copy of Lois’, feel free to email her at Lois@BookMoreBusiness.comand in the subject line put “email one sheet.” To receive Cathy’s, email her at Cathy@CathyFyock.comand put “email one sheet” in the subject line. You can use these as templates.

One sheets are here to stay. 

Activity: Create your one-sheet. Share it with five colleagues and get their feedback. Begin using this as a tool to create speaking opportunities.


Cathy Fyock is The Business Book Strategist, and works with professionals and thought leaders who want to write a book as a business growth strategy. This article is excerpted from her newest book available this Spring/Summer coauthored with Lois Creamer, titled The Speaker Author: Sell More Books and Book More Speeches. Contact Cathy at


  1. Always great counsel. Thanks Ms. Cathy.

  2. Great post. Thanks, Cathy.
    Jay Wright; Anderson, SC

  3. Thanks for the prompt. I need to do this - and have been dragging my feet. It seems that creating a promotional piece on myself always falls to the bottom of the list. But, I'm on it now. So you provided the right message at the right time.

    1. Glad to be your accountability partner if you'd like to send it to me when you're done!

  4. I'm happy to send my one-sheet to any of you, or I'm also glad to review your one-sheet and provide some feedback! Send me a note at