Saturday, March 23, 2019

Tips on Back of the Room Sales For the Speaking Author

by Cathy Fyock @CathyFyock

Back of the room sales how to’s.

You’ve just given a dynamite presentation. Your audience loves you. How do you maximize the opportunity for back of the room sales? Here are some ideas for making sure you’re getting full benefit.

Discuss with the decision-maker/meeting planner about selling well before the event.
Always check with your decision-maker before selling books. You may think that your free presentation gives you the right to sell your books, but the meeting planner may not agree, so have this discussion well before the presentation.

Be careful about combining Q&A with sales time.
While offering to answer questions may help bring potential sales to your sales queue, it may also clog the system when an attendee has a lengthy question. Offer to answer questions after the presentation in a one-on-one call; or, find a friend or volunteer to help you with sales so you won’t miss opportunities to sell. This can be a prime time for gathering leads, especially at Association events.

Create a checklist of all the things you’ll need to make your book sales go smoothly.
Signage, include the costs of books and packages (plus methods of payment accepted), cash receipts, credit card reader, table for signing, pens for autographing, and name tags, business cards, or post its with the information for the signing.

If you can bring a staff member or recruit a friend or volunteer to help with sales, bring them a tip sheet with pricing information and other details.
You may have one person accept payment, while another ensures that those purchasing has on a name tag or has a business card so that books can be easily signed. Some authors have found that having a staff member include a post-in inside the book with the individual’s name is a fast way of expediting the line.

Make it easy for attendees to purchase your book.
In pricing your book, make it quick and easy. Many attendees come with a $20 bill, so charge $20 and save yourself from making change and holding up the line. Also, bundle products to offer value for attendees.

Accept credit cards by using a card reader.
Practice prior to the event, or better yet, find an assistant to help you with sales so that you can schmooze with attendees and sell more books (and book more engagements!).

Take pictures of you holding your book with those who have purchased your book.
Post these on social media and share the post with your new readers.

Activity: Create your own back of the room check list so it will be easy the next presentation you make.

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Cathy Fyock is The Business Book Strategist, and works with professionals and thought leaders who want to write a book as a business growth strategy. This article is excerpted from her newest book available this Spring/Summer coauthored with Lois Creamer, titled The Speaker Author: Sell More Books and Book More Speeches. Contact Cathy at


  1. Thanks for sharing your wisdom and experience. Keeping it in mind!

  2. Your post came at a great time as I will be speaking at a women's conference in just two weeks. Thank you! :)