Sunday, January 13, 2019

Am I Content to Follow God—No Matter What?

Commit your way to the Lord, trust in Him and He will do this. Psalm 37:5

A few summers ago, a group of us drove to the beach. We took several cars and, although I’d never been to that particular beach, I agreed to drive. Things were a little crazy when we left and, after we got on the road, I realized I hadn’t gotten written directions, or even the address to plug into my phone.

The car I was following was driven by a close friend, and I knew she could get us there, no problem, but it still made me a little nervous.

I was careful to keep her car constantly in sight, and stay alert to any signs that she planned to change direction. I had to rely on her to get me safely to our destination. 

While I groused about not knowing exactly where I was going, it hit me that my life with God was like that trip. As a believer, I know that my ultimate destination is Heaven, but I have no idea what path my journey between here and there is going to take. But just like the trip to the beach, I must follow God closely to stay on the right path. I have to stay alert, look for His directions and not get separated.

Not easy for a girl with control issues.

It’s hard for me in a lot of ways, but especially when it comes to my writing career. When I started this path, I had a very clear picture of what my life as a writer would look like. I knew the things I’d be doing, the things I’d concentrate on and how it would lead me to success.

Make that my version of success.

The plans made perfect sense. They were reasonable and attainable. I was so certain about where I was headed, I even ran ahead of God. And I learned it does us no good to get ahead of God, only He knows the correct path for each of us. Because very little of what I had planned has happened.

I have become a full time writer, but my path has been very different from what I’d imagined and infinitely better!

I discovered early on that my God is a BIG God and He has plans to bless us beyond anything we could hope or imagine.

As I’ve learned to relinquish control to God, He’s taken me down paths I hadn’t dared dream about. I’m here to say I’m not the one in control, God is, and I’ve learned to trust that He knows the best way to get where we’re going.

What about you—are you following or trying to anticipate what comes next? Take a deep breath and relax. God's got this. 

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  1. The answer, both simple and complex, "I will follow." God's blessings in your life Ms. Edie.

  2. Amen. Follow God. His way is always best. Take a deep breath and relax. Yes. :-)

  3. God has blessed me in so many ways. All I can do is follow Him where He leads me.

  4. A good reminder to us all of who's in charge and of His infinite wisdom and goodness!Thank you.

  5. But when following God, remember He's the grownup. When you come to a crossroads, make the best choice you can and TRUST Him that it's correct. It's so easy to beat yourself up second guessing yourself.

  6. I thought I was a novelist. But the first thing I've published is a short story. I still can't believe how much satisfaction I derived from writing it and a second one. Following God's lead in my writing brings a happiness and satisfaction beyond words to describe it.